Utah man says life was destroyed over false accusation

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  • one old man MSC, UT
    May 27, 2019 11:35 a.m.

    Too much of "justice" now depends upon who you are.

    If you are a Weinstein or trump, or own a football team, you'll probably be okay because you can afford good lawyers.

  • red.diehard Central, UT
    May 26, 2019 9:20 p.m.

    Anybody can make any accusation against any person at anytime...scary isn't it?

  • amartel1975 Las Vegas, NV
    May 26, 2019 1:53 p.m.

    The sad lesson for smart men is do not talk to women, do not socialize with women, do not mentor women, do not be alone with women and don't have any friendship with a woman. It is not worth a destroying your life. I used to criticize my oldest son for not dating, but I am beginning to see it is probably an act of wisdom and self preservation. The women's movement deserves a lot of the blame. There is a growing population of men addressing this new dynamic. Check out MGTOW.

  • fani wj, UT
    May 25, 2019 6:33 p.m.

    False accusations of all kinds are terrible. I can only imagine how difficult his life was. There were hundreds of people got caught up in the Russian collusion investigations, some lost millions in legal fees. Mueller concluded there were no Russian collusion. Like Ace in this story, how are these people going to recover from such injustice?

  • A-day Sandy, UT
    May 25, 2019 6:03 p.m.

    It seems little more than a rumor and a smartphone is all that is necessary for this kind of thing to happen now. The rise of smartphones and their almost universal ownership is well known but poorly understood. I believe we in general underestimate what is possible with nothing but a very average smartphone and one person with something bad to say, however true or not it may be. The proliferation of information or misinformation or disinformation by almost anyone is now possible to an extent unheard of only 10 years ago.

    The technology we all hold now is capable of good but also many terrible things, and I don’t think most of us grasp this well enough. It used to be much harder to transmit any message you wanted to tens of thousands of people in a few days or less. Now it happens all the time.

    The only solution I can think of now is for as many of us as possible to realize what can happen with one text message, especially if sent to all in one’s “address book.” It can and often does spread exponentially, given that all recipients can and often do send it to easily thousands of other people after a single and very average person sends one mass text with one ugly thing to say.

  • Happy Valley Hillbilly Alpine, UT
    May 25, 2019 5:45 p.m.

    It’s good when the justice system in this nation works to protect the innocent and prosecute the perps.
    Unfortunately, sometimes the innocent are unjustly charged as is apparent here. In these cases, those who made the decision to hold and prosecute without clear and inconclusive evidence will have to be held accountable and potentially pay a high price for their actions.

  • Chessermesser West Valley City, UT
    May 25, 2019 5:43 p.m.

    Sue everyone. And the school district really needs to rehire him. I understand why he was let go, but now let’s move forward.

  • MOMS Salt Lake City, UT
    May 25, 2019 5:32 p.m.

    There should be no immunity from suit for this sort of evil.

  • Ricardo Carvalho Provo, UT
    May 25, 2019 5:24 p.m.

    We are in such a difficult moment. Bad men have for way too long been allowed to harass and even assault women almost with impunity. We need to fix that. As we try to fix that, some women will weaponize this moment. This leads to less belief for those who have actually been assaulted. Before anyone cites pre-Me Too statistics, I think the incidence of false reporting has increased due to the increased tendency of all of us to want to believe the women who are coming forward. In my own line of work, I have been privy to three harassment charges agains male subordinates. In one case, the results of the investigation found no evidence that the woman had been harassed. In the second case, the investigation found that the woman was likely using the charges to get back at a colleague she did not like. In the third case, the evidence was clear that the accuser was the one actually harassing her male employee. And, yes, all three of these investigations were run by well-trained, professional women. We need to stop male harassment and assault of women. It is terrible and cannot be tolerated. False reporting is making it more difficult and ruining lives as well.

  • Mainly Me Werribee, 00
    May 25, 2019 3:45 p.m.

    Let's hope he becomes a millionaire.