Utah is drought-free thanks to 'fantastic' snowpack — but as temps warm, will rivers flood?

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  • Applelovernow Henderson, NV
    May 14, 2019 9:23 a.m.

    This is wonderful news. I still think there needs to be plans for future droughts. Hopefully, the Bureau of Water Reclaimation and residents have learned conservation from this drought. I would be even better if both Lakes Powell and Mead could be filled closer to capacity. Yes, populations in the upper and lower Colorado Basin are expanding so we may not see the two lakes filled again. However, that does not give us a license to waste a precious resource. The word conservative and conservation are from the same Latin root conserver "to keep, guard, preserve". Let's hope the political conservatives live up their name and continue to preserve this life blood of the west.

  • FelisConcolor Layton, UT
    May 11, 2019 9:37 p.m.

    Keep in mind that none of the experts predicted we would receive this much precipitation last October before the winter started. Last fall the Governor declared a drought emergency and water managers predicted it would take years to recover.

    Everyone should Google the news stories about the drought from last fall. The pervasive Doom and Gloom subtext in all these articles is hilarious when compared to the current situation. It also provides an excellent example of just how little we know about earth's climate.

  • I M LDS 2 Provo, UT
    May 11, 2019 6:41 p.m.

    "...because as we know the weather goes in cycles."

    Do tell! Please elaborate the specific "cycles" in which the weather operates.

    "'Climate change', not a fact."

    Your opinion: not even close to a fact.

  • Mr. Boris Layton, UT
    May 11, 2019 5:30 p.m.

    It would take a lot of winters like this past winter to fill Lake Powell. However, this could happen because as we know the weather goes in cycles.

    Now it's possible Lake Powell might never reach capacity again but that's not because of "climate change". It's because there are a lot more people living in the west and using the water than there was 30 years ago. That's just a fact. "Climate change", not a fact.

    That doesn't mean we don't need to conserve water though. The water will come with the weather cycles. There are just more people using it now than ever before.

  • Whale of Fortune Salt Lake City, UT
    May 11, 2019 3:59 p.m.

    It's nice to see an article about weather without someone trying to distort it into climate.

  • oldbasketball Draper, UT
    May 11, 2019 12:05 p.m.

    With the temperatures being well below normal for so long, the chances of flooding is minimal.

  • MacD slc, UT
    May 11, 2019 7:47 a.m.

    I am glad the snow pack is above average.
    what I would like to know is what percentage of full capacity will this snowpack mean to Lake Powell and Lake Mead ?

  • MrLogic Brigham City, UT
    May 11, 2019 6:25 a.m.

    I sometimes wonder if news people see it as their job to find the cloud in every silver lining.