Utah study: Pollution presents higher health risks for childhood cancer survivors

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  • FelisConcolor Layton, UT
    April 24, 2019 8:02 p.m.

    "If one were to continue this study into the general population, I think you would find that the air pollution is toxic to all, even at lower levels."

    Based on the results of this study, that is highly unlikely.

    According to the article the study included a healthy control group, and this group did not show any elevated risk for hospitalization.

    These results are not at all unexpected, as cancer treatments -- especially long-term chemotherapy -- can be quite devastating and can leave the patient in a weakened condition. Even though they have "beaten" the cancer they still have a greater chance of contracting infectious diseases, or having nerve or organ damage, or even developing new cancers.

    This is not an indictment of air pollution as much as it is an illustration of how far we have to go when it comes to treating cancer. Some treatments are almost as bad as the cancer itself; we use them because they are better than dying.

  • Fitz Salt Lake City, UT
    April 24, 2019 3:01 p.m.

    Just to add a Opinion on WSJ today with a bit new story (Page A-16, WSJ, 4/24/19). The story, very shortly, is that Tesla car batteries have between 156 and 181 grams CO2; a diesel Mercedes releases about 141 grams CO2. Yes, it is a German issue, and yes, this is new and does not have too much either side; but batteries they way they are built are a problem for real.

    Emissions will always be there, with the exception that sometime, someone will really find a way to clear emissions. But don't hold your breath.

  • All American Herriman, UT
    April 24, 2019 2:08 p.m.

    Unfortunately, for most people, their "time" is more important than air pollution. I'm guilty too, because time is a finite commodity - once lost or wasted, you can never get it back. I have no ideas on how transit vehicles can accommodate both our lost time and the pollution issue.

    Also, unfortunate is the fact that the pollution affects all of us and shortens our lives.

    April 24, 2019 11:02 a.m.


    The Huntsman Center is accessible via both rail and bus. The bus I ride tends to have a fair number of Huntsman and Univ Hospital personnel, but not as many as you would be ideal. Huntsman should do a better job of encouraging their employees to use transit, especially their doctors.

    Everyone should be riding transit or bicycles. If there were more bikes on the road, drivers would be less likely to hit me when I'm cycling to and from work.

  • Joshua Stewart Salt Lake City, UT
    April 24, 2019 9:06 a.m.

    Tucked high up in a corner of the east side, the Huntsman Center is in a poor location for transportation access.

    The Huntsman Center should push for new Trax lines on 700 East so more workers can commute without driving cars (the top valley air polluter). 700 East extends far to the south and connects into the 400 South line that goes to the top employee centers - the University and Medical Center and the Central Business District. In addition, studies show that using transit gets more people out walking from station to destination and that has significant health benefits and monetary savings in aggregate.

    Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Frank of the University of British Columbia has excellent studies on the correlation of health and ability to walk and take transit. He's on YouTube.

  • stevo123 Driggs, ID
    April 24, 2019 8:32 a.m.

    If one were to continue this study into the general population, I think you would find that the air pollution is toxic to all, even at lower levels.

  • quackquack Park City, UT
    April 24, 2019 8:14 a.m.

    All this talk about Cleaner Air is hog wash the air is going to get dirtier, Its a dog and pony show, or publicity stunt. If you look at the data the bulk of Utah bad air is cars aka emissions now factor in Utah is looking to build a Inland port. That's literally hundreds of hundreds of Semi and Large Cargo trucks to back and forth through Utah daily.

    Utah also gives hug tax breaks for corporations to move to Utah that's thousands upon thousands of people moving to Utah equaling thousands of more cars on the highway.

    Lastly a prison rebuild of which will take several years to build meaning hundreds of construction vehicles and staff and in the end the Prison will "host" prisoners from surrounding states.

    The air is going to get much much worse Utah initiatives do not equal cleaner air.