Brad Rock: Auburn has everything you love and hate about college basketball

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  • xert Santa Monica, CA
    April 5, 2019 11:38 a.m.

    Think about what the author says about Coach Perle--he's a guy who is celebrated because he's found a way to turn sleaze into a positive. Rick Pitino is treated as a legend when he appears on sports talk shows. John Callipari is a known cheat who is treated as a savvy guy who knows how to play the angles. Roy Williams--who was ultimately responsible for the Paper Scandal, probably the biggest college sports cheating scandal of all time--is given a pass and treated like a lovable old granddad. Coaches who put players lives at risk, are fired and then re-hired (Coach Leach) and regarded as crusty rather than semi-criminal.

    ---Meanwhile, good men like Coach Rose have to deal with the fallout from entitled and selfish players and the expectations of the most immature of their fan bases. Healthy, successful and in the midst of what will be seen as a very productive career, he simply says--"Fine. Check, please."

    Can't blame him.

    The center is not holding in college sports. The bad is gobbling up the good like Pac Man on steroids. And like Americans usually do---we stand by with stupid grins on our faces and hope that none of it gets on our clothes.