Trump team overruled 25 clearance denials, official says

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  • one old man MSC, UT
    April 2, 2019 7:29 a.m.

    How can trump select only the "best" people to serve his wishes if they are required to have clean backgrounds? After all, it must be extremely difficult to find people willing to serve this White House who are actually HONEST.

    Can you imagine how the GOP would have exploded if something like this had come out while Obama was in office?

    It's long, long past time to Make America Sane Again.

    Let's hope we can make that happen in November 2020 -- or even better yet, well before then.

  • LOU Montana Pueblo, CO
    April 2, 2019 6:23 a.m.

    Nothing I hate more than double standards!

    Can YOU imagine if Obama had done this?

    Republicans in the White House need to live by the rules. They're destroying the security of our great nation for the sake of a Russian overthrow.

    Don't forget, Trump believes Putin over our own National Security.

  • Karen R. Houston, TX
    April 2, 2019 4:57 a.m.

    "Rep. Jim Jordan...said in a statement that Cummings' probe is a 'partisan attack' and an 'excuse to go fishing' through personnel files."

    Yes, given his grave consternation over HRC's handling of emails, I'm sure Rep. Jordan would much rather spend committee resources on investigating Trump's use of unsecured devices. What? No? Why, that would mean a double-standard is being applied with respect to Trump. Or more accurately, no standard at all.

  • ConservativeCommonTater Salt Lake City, UT
    April 1, 2019 9:32 p.m.

    On NPR earlier today, their report being more complete and offering more information said that Ms. Newbold was retaliated against by her superiors.

    Ms. Newbold is a dwarf, with a solid history of good performance in her job.

    When she became a whistle blower, her superior did things to "punish" her for blowing the whistle on another Trump issue of favoritism.

    Her boss did things like put files on cabinets as high as possible so Newbold, a dwarf, couldn't reach them.

    It was petty things like that from her Republican boss that made it difficult to do her job, and obviously a retaliatory action.

    Trump doesn't trust any of the U.S. intelligence agencies and gives out favoritisms like Halloween candy. Unless you don't agree with Trump, then he tries to bully people.

  • Daedalus, Stephen Arvada, CO
    April 1, 2019 7:19 p.m.

    @mlvsnv: "The President is the ultimate Original Classification Authority for determining classification of information."

    Under normal circumstances this may be true.

    But for a POTUS who is the subject of an on-going counter-intelligence investigation and operation, different rule likely apply in practice. We won't know much about how these 25 threats to national security were monitored, contained, and perhaps used for a couple decades. Same with the current POTUS.

    This type of operation pre-dated Mueller and is distinct from the criminal investigation he led.

    And for good reason, it likely continues.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    April 1, 2019 7:07 p.m.

    If this whole security clearance thing is subject only and finally to the whim of the president, what good is it? It doesn't protect us from a malevolent presidency.

  • Utah Girl Chronicles Eagle Mountain, UT
    April 1, 2019 4:51 p.m.

    @ mlvsnv

    "The President is the ultimate Original Classification Authority for determining classification of information."

    So in other words, people who are owned by other countries deserve top secret security clearances because Donald is king and he knows best.

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    April 1, 2019 1:53 p.m.

    "According to Ms. Newbold, these individuals had a wide range of serious disqualifying issues involving foreign influence, conflicts of interest, concerning personal conduct, financial problems, drug use, and criminal conduct,"

    Well how is Trump suppose to employ the best people, and his family if they are expected to pass background checks for criminality and compromised positions. Military folks of a certain position have to maintain a better than average credit rating to stay employed, because they consider you bribable or easier to compromise if you have credit trouble.

    Aim low Trump supporters, and you will be pleased with donald?

  • mlvsnv Lansdowne, VA
    April 1, 2019 1:22 p.m.

    Members of Congress automatically forego the security adjudication process that Jane Q Citizen does, and they are automatically qualified for access to classified information, after signing certain agreements. Same for the President. The President is the ultimate Original Classification Authority for determining classification of information. He also has the authority, under various Executive Orders and Federal Laws to determine who is ultimately eligible to be granted access to classified material. Employees may disagree, but they cannot countermand the President, no matter how much they may disagree. This applies to any President, no matter their party or their popularity.