Shifting hopes as Republicans, Democrats wait for Mueller

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  • Fullypresent Salt Lake City, UT
    March 20, 2019 8:26 a.m.

    Whatever is in the report and whatever Dems or Republicans think about what is in it, it isn't about them. It is about getting at the truth and then figuring out what needs to be done regarding the finding. Tired of the Dem/Republican battle and them making it about them. It should be about our country and what we need for our country.

    In reality, the extremists and polarizing Dems and Republicans are doing far more to destroy our country than anything that may be in Mueller's report. They need to think about this and what they can do to change this.

    If Trump or his family broke the laws of our country they should have a consequence. If others helped them do this they should have a consequence too. If they didn't, Dems need to give it a rest and move on to working on the problems in our country.

  • Copybook Headings Draper, UT
    March 20, 2019 4:47 a.m.

    Why aren't all of our liberal friends offering up commentary on this story? Republicans from day one said this was a nothing-burger and we were scoffed at by Democrats. Just like when Republicans said Obama care would fail.