Virginia's highest office frozen as Northam weighs next move

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  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Feb. 6, 2019 9:03 a.m.

    @JaneB - Wilsonville, OR,
    If the people of Virginia really want him out, then there's a way prescribed to do it. We call them elections. You vote him out next election if he's really that unpopular now (because of some sin in his youth). They should vote him out. Not force him out using a media campaign and people at the news networks trying to force him out.

    What people in Wilsonville, OR think doesn't matter one iota. And what people at NBC, CBS, ABC, think doesn't matter. What the NAACP thinks doesn't matter. All that matters is what the people in Virginia think. They get to voice their preference soon, in an official election, not some network phone poll of a few people.

    If they don't want him they can vote him out. But he shouldn't be forced out by the NAACP or the network news anchors trying to get ratings out of keeping this story alive.

    Who knows, by election time the public may have forgotten or forgiven him, given a chance to prove that he's not a racist.

    It's not good to respond to these knee-jerk reactions in the moment IMO. Give it a little time, and if the people who count (the voters, not the networks) want him out... I'm fine with it.

  • Tekakaromatagi Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    Feb. 6, 2019 7:09 a.m.

    This is silly. It was a long time ago.

    If the Dems want him out then here is something: a week ago, on a radio show he said that if a woman has a viable fetus, (i.e. it can live outside of the womb), and she wants to abort it:
    1) then she can,
    2) if the baby is somehow born alive, then the baby can be killed.

    When the Republicans said that he was endorsing infanticide, he denied that what he described was infanticide and that he said that if the GOP disagrees with him on this topic then it is OK but they needed to be civil.

    Right now, I am kind of perplexed that a whole lot of Democratic presidential candidates are falling over themselves to condemn the photo, but they can't bring themselves to condemn him for endorsing infanticide.

  • worf McAllen, TX
    Feb. 6, 2019 12:53 a.m.

    Northam should consult with his doctor than abort his office.

  • lost in DC West Jordan, UT
    Feb. 5, 2019 3:56 p.m.

    I cannot tell if he’s in the “offensive” photo or not. Can anyone?

    Maybe Northam is not liberal enough for the dems, actually trying to work with the GOP legislature and they want the lt. gov. instead.

    As for the allegations against the lieutenant governor, The Washington Post said Monday that it was approached by the woman in 2017 and carefully investigated but never published a story for lack of any independent evidence.

    never published it because of the accused's party affiliation is more like it.

    You’re saying he cannot do a good job for his state. I suppose since he is a dem he cannot.

    and liberals on this board have screamed whenever I’ve said the leaders should be better than the average joe schmoe

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Feb. 5, 2019 3:11 p.m.

    @JaneB - Wilsonville, OR
    RE: "2bits, you missed my point. I’m not a governor and neither are you. There is, and should always be a higher standard for positions of leadership"...
    I agree it's different. And there's a higher standard. But not back to moral indiscretions when you were a youth that don't manifest themselves in your current life. That's ridiculous.

    Before this picture made the news nobody thought he was a racist. Why does something in 84 that has nothing to do with him today change that? He's not a racist. He was a kid (at one time).


    RE: "Sadly, since Trump"...
    Oh. So it's about Trump.

    If you think moral flaws in elected officials started with Trump... ever heard of Bill Clinton? He kept his job. And he was an "Elected Official". A "Leader". In fact the ultimate "Leader" of our Nation at the time, and he wasn't ousted.

    Still think it's imperative that he be thrown out of office? For a picture taken in 1984 he wasn't even in? I don't. Let him continue, just like we did Bill Clinton. And Tedd Kennedy.

    Should Barack Obama been thrown out of office when we learned he used Cocaine in High School? I mean you said it... A higher standard.

  • JaneB Wilsonville, OR
    Feb. 5, 2019 2:42 p.m.

    2bits, you missed my point. I’m not a governor and neither are you. There is, and should always be a higher standard for positions of leadership.

    Sadly, since Trump, that standard has almost vanished.

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Feb. 5, 2019 2:34 p.m.

    So many judgmental people. I'm wondering... would you like the same judgmental attitude applied to things you did when you were in college? And be fired if you did anything like wear a bad costume, or post a bad picture? I know I did worse.

  • JaneB Wilsonville, OR
    Feb. 5, 2019 2:14 p.m.

    2 bits. There isn’t a comparison between an ordinary citizen losing his job over something that happened 30 years ago and an elected official- the governor of a state, no less, losing his job over inappropriate past behavior. He is not owed a position of authority. He has lost the moral authority to lead. And the people of VA are not responsible as to how he and his wife provide for their children.

    The people of VA actually do care. His approval rating has plummeted. The way he handled that press conference added insult to injury, and is more proof he’s not fit to lead. He actually had to look to his wife, on whether or not to moonwalk right then and there. Plus, how are we to believe him? First he admitted he was in the pic. Then he wasn’t. But he did do blackface that year, and recommends not using shoe polish on your face because it’s hard to wash off. For crying out loud, get this poor man out of there.

  • JaneB Wilsonville, OR
    Feb. 5, 2019 1:47 p.m.

    The governor said he doesn't want to step down because he would be branded a racist for life. That's too bad, governor. Why is your reputation more important than your state?

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Feb. 5, 2019 1:28 p.m.

    I don't know why anybody in Virginia cares about this at this point. He apologized for what happened in 84. Must he also lose his job? That punishes his children more than it punishes him (no more job, no more pay check, no more food). For what? Something that happened before they were born? Something they have no control over and no responsibility for?

    I wish the people calling for him to lose his job over this would look at themselves. Do they have any moral transgressions in their lives? Should they lose their job for a transgression that happened 50 years ago?

    I don't see why people outside Virginia care about this at all. Most of the outcry is coming from outside Virginia. None of their business.

    I think we could use a healthy dose of "Judge Not". And "Love one another". And less trying to destroy one another (if they did something you don't like when they were young).

    How many people who made mistakes when they were young have gong on to be good people?

    If you were going to punish him for this, it should have been done in 1984, not in 2019.

    And the punishment should be proportional to the sin.