BYU football: James Empey named freshman All-American; Dallin Holker mission-bound; Isaiah Armstrong transferring

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  • KLL Coug Visalia, CA
    Jan. 9, 2019 8:54 a.m.

    Here we find another difference between The Y and the city college. One seeks All-American status, the other is focused on all conference status.

  • london_josh Lincoln, CA
    Jan. 8, 2019 10:07 a.m.

    I don't blame Isaiah.

    I remember knowing that I had my last season of football ahead of me, I just wanted to play, it was odd knowing that I'd never suit up again. The guy just wants to play. Best of luck to his new team and I hope he has a fantastic senior year!

  • Down under Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 7, 2019 5:13 p.m.

    Well done players and coaches, now if we can just turn this talent into a few more wins next year.

  • DIMP2 Ogden, UT
    Jan. 7, 2019 3:27 p.m.

    "I'm looking at YOU "Jello is Good"! And "Abeille". And "Dimp2". And "BigCougar". And "TJ". And "cks289no". And "4601". And "WalkerTexas Ranger". Haha!

    You can stop looking Vet. Joke is on YOU! I have never written about Isaiah Armstrong. He didn't play for "my" team.


  • BobbyPaluga Austin, TX
    Jan. 7, 2019 1:56 p.m.

    Congrats to the kids graduating period, with a special kudos to the young men who earned a degree before their athlete eligibility clock ran down.
    That said the ability to leave for another program without waiting out for a year is creating chaos for the schools losing key players as well as the players themselves. The NCAA likely thought that the freedom to move on would be seldom used, that's not the case. Athletes with some idea where they could be welcomed is fine, but some end up scrambling to find a playing spot with a free scholarship to pay tuition, food and housing ending up worse off than they were before moving.

  • Arizona1 Tucson, AZ
    Jan. 7, 2019 1:52 p.m.

    Best wishes, Isaiah. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • steve24/7 Sandy, UT
    Jan. 7, 2019 12:16 p.m.

    Congrats to Empey, I'll miss seeing Holker on the field for us, and I didn't know we had a player named Isaiah Armstrong. After looking up his stats, I can see why.

  • SportsCenter Olympus Cove, Utah
    Jan. 7, 2019 12:16 p.m.

    Good luck Isaiah on finding a great fit for your Senior season.