Ex-Utah County youth symphony leader charged with sexually abusing 2 more teens

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  • ERB Eagle Mountain, UT
    Dec. 22, 2018 10:50 p.m.

    If found guilty, lock him up. But court of public opinion is wrong.

  • John Pack Lambert of Michigan Ypsilanti, MI
    Dec. 22, 2018 9:56 p.m.

    The fact that somw have responded by saying "I know this man, he is good, no reason to listen to the accusers" tells me too few have kearned the truths of either abuse or temptation.

    On the other hand the last article had some very well thought out comments mentioning issues like Larry Nasser that show some understand how abusers operate.

    From a criminal standpoint we must follow innocent until proven guilty. I hacexseen too many cases of men aquitted of sex crimes allowed to retain positions as teachers. All organizations that employ adults who interact with youths need to come up with systems that not only exclude those with ciminal sexual conduct on their records, but that evaluate any accusations in a way that puts safety of children first.

    Gaving worked as a teacher I have had students write on their arms with pens to try to make it look like I gruised them and claim they would go through with accusing me of abuse. Yet none ever did so false abuse claims are possible but not as likely or easy as sone think.

  • Jer-Bear , 00
    Dec. 22, 2018 2:39 p.m.

    Let's make certain the man gets his day in court.

    If found guilty, I hope he gets his remaining years to stay in prison.

    A very warped story...

  • xert Santa Monica, CA
    Dec. 22, 2018 8:42 a.m.

    Why isn't this more of an important story? The Des News should be applauded for covering this story but my question remains the same. If this were Jerry Sandusky or if it involved predators of any other sort, this thread would be filled with comments. But when it is a Sunday School teacher nobody comments? Why? Is he already forgiven before even being found guilty or are we reluctant to admit that these things occur everywhere. Even in our own back yard.

  • Fullypresent Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 22, 2018 12:13 a.m.

    Sick and twisted. So many people out there that look good on the outside but on the inside they are doing terrible things to animals, children, and adults. Look what is happening in the Catholic Church for one example. Bless these victims for having the courage to come forward and speak out. Hopefully, the rest will find the courage to do the same and they can all start a long road of healing. We should have zero tolerance for this kind of abuse regarding less of who the perpetrator is or what they have contributed in the community.