Utah County leaders, Gov. Herbert reach deal to end legal standoff over UTA board member

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  • UtahEngineer Sandy, UT
    Dec. 18, 2018 3:49 p.m.

    If Gov. Herbert were the Governor Utah really needs, he would have told the Utah County folks to discuss it with the Tooele folks and come to a compromise. Maybe, one nominee from Tooele and one from Utah County. Bear in mind, that the population of Utah County and its integration with Wasatch Front transportation infrastructure is much greater than that of Tooele County. So, Tooele would, theoretically, have to be more conciliatory than Utah County.

    But, Gov. Herbert is not really up to the challenges we face, the future we must plan for.

    So, he donned his familiar infightin' duds and jumped into fracas opposite those hated conservative extreme Republicans. Councilman Lee obviously didn't understand the principle of intermodalism, a sine qua non of future=oriented planning, because Lee was against the Provo-Orem BRT boondoggle, and likely the absurd and illegal 10-year free fare double-boondoggle UTA sold to UVU and BYU.

    A fact that most folks don't realize is that the Governor ignored the requirements of the rather goofy HB138 that began this mess, by not doing the obvious. That would have been to turn the nomination process back to the counties.