President Nelson talks about the name of the church. Here's some Twitter reaction

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  • M_Hawke Golden, CO
    Oct. 8, 2018 4:39 p.m.

    @Astoria Jim What point are you trying to make? I'm not understanding.

    To everyone else: It amazes me how with every change that Pres. Nelson has announced so far that there have always been people to criticize, say it will not work, or find fault. I think for those of you who are members of the church engaged in this negativity, you need to come to a full realization that this is The Lord who is dictating these changes and that they will be a success, regardless of what you think.

  • Astoria Jim Mamaroneck, NY
    Oct. 8, 2018 11:40 a.m.

    Have you ever seen one of those drug company commercials where a ten-year-old kid is talking about his mother's 'moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis'? Obviously, some lawyers decided that the child had to correctly describe his mother's medical condition, but it doesn't ring true.
    Saying 'Mormon' is not a matter of disrespect, it's a matter of syllables:
    African-American, for example, is seven syllables, while Black is only one.
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? That's ten.
    Mormon is only two.
    It's like saying L.A. rather than Los Angeles.
    My grandfather was probably the least prejudiced Italian-American who ever lived, but long after polite society had moved on to 'Negro' and even 'Black', he still said 'colored', which was the respectful word he learned when he came to this country.

  • skeptic Phoenix, AZ
    Oct. 8, 2018 10:09 a.m.

    It is a beginning step in establishing the BOM as an allegory and not a history.

  • elpis Blue Springs, MO
    Oct. 8, 2018 10:09 a.m.

    "I'm a [Christian?]" "I Know It. I Live It. I Love It." By Ann M. Dibb - daughter of President Thomas Monson. Oct 2012 general conference.

  • golflover Syracuse, UT
    Oct. 8, 2018 9:58 a.m.

    The church has shown the ability over the years to impressively adapt to changing times in our society. Well, society is constantly looking to shorten, abbreviate, and create acronyms to try and simplify and make things less confusing. "LDS" and "Mormons" works...always has and in my opinion always will.

    Here is an exchange between member and non-member as I see it:
    "What church do you belong to?"
    "I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
    "Huh?" (if they're even still paying attention after such a long answer)
    "You know, Mormons"
    "Oh ok. Cool!"

  • ConradGurch Salt Lake City, Utah
    Oct. 8, 2018 6:44 a.m.

    What was wrong with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? You know the Mormons. Doesn’t change my view of Jesus Christ

  • Frozen Fractals Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 7, 2018 11:25 p.m.

    Seems like a struggle to find an alternate shorthand form since one of those tweets was sharing a mormonnewsroom page on this.

  • HSTucker Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 7, 2018 8:08 p.m.

    Even to those of us who have followed his apostleship for more than three decades, President Nelson does not fail to astonish. He's 94 years old and still as spry, focused, and driven as a man in his most productive years. That he would be so energetic and proactive, even in matters that appear on the surface to be cosmetic, is utterly amazing.

    Back to the name of the church. Here, President Nelson is performing like a true prophet: without a net. This is not obviously a profound change. Yet, anyway. But the proof of a prophet is that his prophecies come true, and therefore every prophetic utterance is a risk.

    I have an inkling we will come to appreciate its importance in light of world events in the coming years and decades, as we do "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." President Nelson has been "muscle-building" the church to prepare us for the changes he sees coming.

    "Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, will perform some of His mightiest works between now and when He comes again. We will see miraculous indications that God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, preside over this Church in majesty and glory."
    -- President Russell M. Nelson

  • M_Hawke Golden, CO
    Oct. 7, 2018 6:00 p.m.

    Impartial7 No need to be confused, the Lord dictated the change, it's all on His time table, not ours.

    jpc53 What difference would it make to print those who disagree? This was really a loving way by the prophet to actually chastise those who were the nay-sayers when he first made the announcement. He said then as he did today, that the Lord impressed upon his mind that this needed to be corrected. Apparently, several members in the world did not get it that it was The Lord who said to do it and that it was His prophet that announced it.

  • jeanie orem, UT
    Oct. 7, 2018 4:47 p.m.

    Different things are emphasised at different times. It's no mystery. No organization emphasises every subject equally throughout it's life time, just like individuals change what gets their attention throughout their lifetime.

    It takes a big person to allow change without nitpicking or finding fault.

  • jpc53 Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Oct. 7, 2018 3:07 p.m.

    I find it amazing that 100% of the traffic on this subject on twitter is pro-LDS Church. C'mon DNews, it wouldn't hurt you to print some tweets that disagreed.

  • Impartial7 DRAPER, UT
    Oct. 7, 2018 2:20 p.m.

    I guess I'm confused. Now the term "Mormon" offends the prophet and God? How come it didn't offend God or President Monson? He approved the budget to make, advertise and show the "Meet the Mormons" movie a few years ago.