12 political cartoons about the White House, Hurricane Florence and more top news

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  • Bob Tanner Price, UT
    Sept. 17, 2018 10:39 p.m.

    I believe 90% of what the media prints about Trump id fiction as the articles use words and phrases such as..... "It could happen, It might...perhaps and so on." Fiction and opinionated as these articles are, they damage the entire nation. I believe in freedom of the press but I also believe that with that said the press has certain responsibilities to it's readers. In my view, the "responsibility" is lacking and the entire nation suffers. Walter Cronkite, "Uncle Walter" reported the news accurately. We never knew his personal opinion regarding whatever he was reporting. He left the forming of opinions up to the reading public. I miss those days when we knew the news was true.

  • Nate Pleasant Grove, UT
    Sept. 16, 2018 11:28 a.m.

    The cartoon where Obama toots his own horn reminds us all how he spent eight years blaming Bush for the weak recovery, while burdening the economy with regulations and Obamacare. He appears clueless that he was the one standing in its way.

    I hope he stays on the campaign trail -- as a reminder of the ineffective leadership we know we don't want.

  • silo Sandy, UT
    Sept. 15, 2018 2:43 p.m.

    "Yawn. A whole lot of Trump hate... what a surprise."

    Describing Trump is not remotely the same as 'hating' Trump. If the description of Trump has a negative connotation but is factual, the issue is completely Trump's issue.

  • rwperkinsjr Silver City, NM
    Sept. 15, 2018 12:57 p.m.

    Yawn. A whole lot of Trump hate... what a surprise.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Sept. 15, 2018 12:55 p.m.

    It's an interesting morph to see trump as Wile E. Coyote.