This 2008 clip of John McCain defending Obama from conspiracy theory has gone viral

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  • JBs Logan, UT
    Aug. 28, 2018 3:42 p.m.

    It is ironic that if it hadn't been for Trump and him starting and fomenting the birther movement, she wouldn't have said what she did. "Fake news" has snowballed exponentially under and because of Trump and his neverending capacity for lying.

  • LOU Montana Pueblo, CO
    Aug. 28, 2018 7:48 a.m.

    John McCain is what my father's Republican party use to be.

    John McCain went to war came home and continued to serve our nation.

    This video clip is only one of thousands of time John McCain stopped the lies and bigotry.

    Just imagine if that same woman approached Trump.

  • Baron Scarpia Logan, UT
    Aug. 28, 2018 6:05 a.m.

    For me, this is McCain's finest moment in 2008. And yet, this provided a glimpse of what was to come.

    McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate legitimized the GOP's alt-right fringe and made way for Trump (the man who promoted the birther movement) to take the White House.

    As the GOP implodes under Trump's leadership, historians will point to this moment and McCain's presidential campaign as a turning point in America's shift away from its ideals as that "shining light on a hill."

  • Frozen Fractals Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 9:43 p.m.

    @SC Matt
    [@Thomas Jefferson:

    "But I believe the difference is that on the left we try to ignore the fringe"

    You had "fringe" and "normal" on the ballot for the beginning of the primaries for the 2016 Presidential election. "Fringe" (Bernie Sanders) beat out "normal" (James Webb) quite handily. ]

    I don't think fringe was being used to refer to political views, but rather the conspiratorial nonsense like birtherism or that nonsensical pizza restaurant-child trafficking thing.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 9:31 p.m.

    McCain, in this video, didn't just defend against 'conspiracy theory'. He debunked stupid.

    We need more McCain.

  • The Meliorist CA, 00
    Aug. 27, 2018 8:09 p.m.

    Sadly we have lost a true hero and a man of integrity.

    If McCain’s service to America has inspired one thing I would hope it is a return to civility.

    If those who support Trump and those who oppose him could please just agree on how important it is that we bury the swords and just show a little respect.

    We can disagree on policies and issues, but the rancour of the current leadership is beneath the standard of what America represents.

    It is time for the Democrats to agree not to run Hillary again and the Republicans to agree not to run Trump, and then America can elect a new candidate who can truly restore honor to the office of the President.

  • SC Matt Saline, MI
    Aug. 27, 2018 6:03 p.m.

    @Thomas Jefferson:

    "But I believe the difference is that on the left we try to ignore the fringe"

    You had "fringe" and "normal" on the ballot for the beginning of the primaries for the 2016 Presidential election. "Fringe" (Bernie Sanders) beat out "normal" (James Webb) quite handily.

    I'm certainly not claiming that Republicans did better. I would literally have voted for even Ted Cruz before Trump from that field of choices. But both parties have problems pandering to fringe elements.

  • Itsjustpyrite Magna, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 5:09 p.m.

    John McCain was a true man of integrity and honor. Not willing to submerge himself into lies and ignorance just to be seen to tow the party line. A virtuous man who truly wanted to do well for all Americans. Republicans and Democrats alike would do well to learn from Senator John McCain. It's too bad that he seemed to be the only Republican in office with these truly conservative traits, and he didn't seem bothered to show them to anyone. If you ask me the people calling him a Rino were truly the Rinos themselves. When people talk and comment about needing someone to step up and show they're true love of country and patriotism I would think of John McCain. He was a politician worthy of respect and honor, and this liberal will miss him. We need more like him.

  • JBs Logan, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 4:48 p.m.

    I'm afraid that this is the end of an era of people working together. I hope I'm wrong.

    I, too, didn't always agree with McCain but I respected him more than anyone else in Washington. I was always told it is better to be respected than liked. I felt that way about this honorable man. I certainly have no respect for the current occupant of the WH because he is not honorable nor does he put the country first.

    I was excited to vote for Senator McCain for president until he picked Sarah Palin as running mate. Steve Schmidt, who helped persuade McCain to choose her, has said he regrets his part in that more than just about anything. And so did Senator McCain.

  • Craig Clark Boulder, CO
    Aug. 27, 2018 2:32 p.m.

    John McCain and I were on opposite sides of an issue about 90% of the time. And yet he remained one of the leaders I had the utmost respect for. When he spoke, I listened and found his arguments rational even when I found them unpersuasive. What was his secret for having such amicable relations with people from both parties, from the left and the right?

    No secret, really. He just approached issues with the attitude that disagreeing with someone did not make them the enemy. He was somewhat of a rarity in these times.

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 2:23 p.m.

    I always thought this was a high point in McCains clips, it shows character and strength, something sorely lacking in our president and the current GOP.

    When given the chance to side with crazy or reasonable we got...Their's good people on both sides those protesting racism.... and the Nazis and White Nationalists?

    I also remember when Donald called McCain a loser for being a POW, and the Trumpkins cheered?

  • shamrock Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 2:21 p.m.

    This video is a perfect example of why Americans all across the political spectrum respected John McCain as a person. McCain had the integrity and political courage to disagree on political issues without resorting to hateful rhetoric or personal attacks.

  • Thomas Jefferson Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 1:19 p.m.

    I agree with poster 'conservative scientist' that both sides have people with...lets call them...interesting beliefs.

    But I believe the difference is that on the left we try to ignore the fringe people whereas on the right they try to elect the fringe.

  • one vote Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 12:50 p.m.

    The birthers were crazy and mean.

  • Liberal On Planet Zion SLC, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 12:20 p.m.

    Any thoughts from the low information, enabling demographic? The Trump train has derailed comrades! Country before party.

  • conservative scientist Lindon, UT
    Aug. 27, 2018 12:11 p.m.

    John McCain was simply a fine man. This clip shows a fundamental difference between John McCain and many of our other politicians. President Trump is perhaps the most flamboyant and brash example today as he fans the flames of conspiracy theories, but he is not alone; Plenty of people on both sides of the isle are willing to accommodate to the extremes of their respective parties by engaging in identity politics and fanning the flames of class warfare.