Legislative audit: Is Upstart's focus on low-income students slipping?

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  • trosecrans Canal Winchester, OH
    July 26, 2018 7:58 a.m.

    I'm not usually one to bash news reporting - but this is really one-sided. I used to work for UPSTART in Utah and I don't see any attempt here to reach out to the program for their side of the story.

    1) The percentage of low income children is dropping because the total enrollment has grown so rapidly and because UPSTART's outreach team has saturated the low income population. They can't force people to participate. Please show the total and low-income enrollment numbers - not just percentages. It should really say something that the vendor has ALWAYS gone above and beyond the 30% requirement - never settling for the minimum.

    2) Similarly, please clarify that the vendor is not allowed to require income verification - and does not have any method to do so. This bureaucratic addition would significantly add to the price of the program - which legislators have constantly hounded to go lower.

    3) Don't all children deserve a great education, not just those at a certain poverty line? What about those with a learning disability? Or those whose parents have cancer or other extenuating circumstances? You can't show those kinds of needs with a a simple poverty line metric.