Movie review: 'In Emma's Footsteps' needs to show more, talk less

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  • Filmmaker Draper, UT
    June 9, 2018 7:05 p.m.

    It's hard not to compare this film with EMMA SMITH: MY STORY which does a beautiful job of depicting her part in the life of Joseph Smith and the challenges that she faced throughout her life. The earlier film is a visual masterpiece that takes the viewer into her world.
    One mistake the filmmakers made with IN EMMA'S FOOTSTEPS is the choice to shoot it in a 2.35:1 wide screen format. So much of this film is talk and large spaces of the screen have only walls to show. For some reason many Mormon filmmakers like the wide format (CARTHAGE, STORY TELLERS, etc.). There films only have a brief theatre screening and mostly will be viewed on wide screen televisions -- so why not shoot them in 19X9 and fill up the screen! I was impressed with the performances of the two leading actors. I returned to the theater three or four times to re-see EMMA SMITH: MY STORY when it played in theaters but that won't be the case with film. Will this film even see its way to a Blu-ray release? Hope so.