Salt Lake County mayor calls for action after 'damning' Road Home audit

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  • Third try screen name Mapleton, UT
    May 24, 2018 6:04 p.m.

    @John Jackson
    There is no scriptural mandate to use tax money on ineffective social projects.

    Taxes are confiscatory, not charitable help. You don't give to the poor that way. Government just TAKES.

    Do you see the difference?

    The Road Home gets about one third of its revenue from private donations. Most of their revenue comes from federal, state and local government.

    The private donors include the LDS church, a major donor, even before the $10 million the pledged to the new shelters.

    This audit should give the Church pause, but don't hold your breath. The PR firestorm would be devastating if they stopped giving. (That's not charity, either. I'd call it extortion.)

    Don't play the Christian card.

  • Gil Bates Mayfield, UT
    May 24, 2018 5:34 p.m.

    Look in the mirror!

    McAdams was on the street himself in Mid-August. The legislature ordered the audit in mid-Novenber. They got to work in late January. The report came out a week ago.

    Where's the urgency? Why wasn't this audit done and discussed when the legislature was in session?

    In real life, heads would have rolled in 60 days and a corrective action plan up and running in 90.

    Politicians deserve the bureaucrats and social engineers they get. And WE are paying for it.

    The next time the newspaper and national media do stories about how Utah has solved the chronic homelessness problem, don't believe it.

    Poverty is a business where liberal arts majors go to work and have a job for life. Nothing ever gets fixed, but the checks keep rolling in.

    It's pathetic.

    The next chapter? Scattered site "resource centers." SSDD.

  • John Jackson Sandy, UT
    May 24, 2018 5:21 p.m.

    What of the scripture suggesting we should not withhold our hands from helping those who have brought on themselves their own problems? Drug addicts bring on themselves their own situation. Does this mean we turn them out into the street?
    We should not. We should care for everyone. But . . .
    Those who are not on drugs need to be separated from those who are. Those who are a danger to others need to be separated from those who are not. In dividing the homeless into three resource centers, this division should be accomplished.

  • NeifyT Salt Lake City, UT
    May 24, 2018 3:16 p.m.

    Does this audit surprise anyone. As I recall the State pulled funding form the Road Home two or three years ago; leaving them with next to nothing to operate on at all; and then on top of that said "straighten up and fly right, but hey, you only have three years to live anyway we are shutting you down in 2019."

    Is anyone surprised that with less funds than they had before; higher demand for their services given "Operation Rio Grande"; and the ultimatum to be forcefully closed; that they didn't really straighten up and fly right?

    Doesn't surprise me.

  • Grand Bargain Salt Lake City, UT
    May 24, 2018 1:51 p.m.

    The audit conducted by the Legislative Auditor General is in no way a real audit. Instead, it is a 48-page compilation of allegations of drug use and alleged safety concerns inside the shelters run by The Road Home.

    In a facility that regularly accommodates over 1,000 people a night, the auditors talked to several dozen shelter residents and visited the shelter in the company of public safety officers and county health inspectors. Several dozen interviews is not nearly a sufficient number. And, of course the officers and inspectors directed the auditors to the safety concerns they observed.

    A true audit would also have reported on the many hundreds of individuals who every day rely on The Road Home for emergency shelter. Yet... crickets!

    Again, this was not an audit. It was a charging document. It's wrong for the Mayor or the Shelter The Homeless board or anyone else to take this slanted report for anything other than an attempt to disparage The Road Home.

  • sosaysme Salt Lake City, UT
    May 24, 2018 1:04 p.m.

    Dr. Groovey- The board did not request the audit. This was done by the Legislature looking for political gain - not to help improve the situation.

  • Johnny Triumph Salt Lake City, UT
    May 24, 2018 11:12 a.m.

    How is SL County just now realizing this? All you need to do is walk around that area to understand that there are widespread problems. And it's been that way for at least the past 30 years; as a teen we served breakfast at Pioneer Park, under the viaduct, and my eyes were opened to the problems have SL City and County leaders been so in the dark about the problems that homelessness brings? This isn't new.

  • sosaysme Salt Lake City, UT
    May 24, 2018 9:31 a.m.

    I used to think Ben really cared about the homeless, but this seems like more of a publicity stunt. Yes, there are drugs in the shelters. There are drugs in prison which have much tighter security. As has been mentioned in other stories and opinion pieces, The Road Home is operating a "low barrier shelter" taking in folks who don't qualify for other assistance or programs. Without The Road Home, these folks would be on the street with no resources to try and get them help. Not all of the resources for the homeless should be low barrier. There needs to be some resources that can be drug free and a safer environment. But if we ignore the addicted or less functioning segment of the homeless population and don't have a resource for them, the homeless population will continue to grow, crime will increase and people will die.

    When Mayor McAdams demands change, but is not only unwilling to give resources or ideas and restricts funding and publicly attacks the the organization that is trying to make a difference, it smacks of a political stunt aimed at furthering his House run.

  • at long last. . . Kirksville , MO
    May 24, 2018 8:37 a.m.

    Gretschman- Do you really think McAdams did that as anything other than a publicity stunt? He surely didn't learn any realities in his previous dive into life with the lowest level of society. He knows of nothing to do other than throw other people's money at a problem. Typical liberal politician.

  • Gretschman Draper, UT
    May 24, 2018 7:34 a.m.

    Maybe Ben needs to go live among these people to really understand what is going on. That provided clarity before..

  • DrGroovey Salt Lake City, UT
    May 23, 2018 11:09 p.m.

    If the Board of Directors overseeing the Road Home needed an audit to tell them that, "lax security and widespread drug use," are rampant at the Road Home, they all need to resign. Everyone knows these problems have been going on for years. Before the recent clearing by the police you could drive by the shelter anytime of the day and see drug use and dealing out in the open. The violence that takes place there has been well documented by the media. Where have all these Board members been for the past decade? Can they really say they are surprised by something that everyone else in the community is aware of? If their job is to provide oversight to the shelter and they are this disconnected with what is happening there, they are really a sad bunch of incompetents.