Senate approves bill making Utahraptor state dinosaur

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  • at long last. . . Kirksville , MO
    Feb. 13, 2018 7:50 a.m.

    Just think about what they could inflict on the state if they were to consider serious subjects throughout the session. I say spend more time on things like debating the state dinosaur or state vegetable - these things do no harm, unlike everything else they do. Think about the 'virtue signalling' bills they could saddle us with, and be happy they're spending time on frivolous issues.

  • Impartial7 DRAPER, UT
    Feb. 12, 2018 8:14 p.m.

    Remember this, Utah voters. At the end of the session when they ram a bunch of bills down our throats without discussion or debate because "we were running out of time". They spend 4 weeks on State Dinosaur, State Gun, State Dating Service, etc. then they have little time left to spend on the important stuff that impacts most Utahns.