Men are more likely than women to use the word 'password' in their passwords

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  • srw Riverton, UT
    Dec. 14, 2017 10:50 a.m.

    "Most passwords are stolen within two days of their creation because of email phishing and third-party websites breaching the system."

    What does this sentence mean? Are people constantly clicking on phishing emails? How does a website breach the system?

  • JLindow St George, UT
    Dec. 14, 2017 9:20 a.m.

    No hacker or malware in the world can read a password list that only exists on a piece of paper and not on a device.

    A password consisting of a random selection of two words is easier to remember. If you limit yourself to the 10,000 words the average 8 year old knows, that's still 100 million possible combinations.

    Using the same password for every site means that if one gets hacked, the hackers have your password for everything.