UVU President Matt Holland announces mission location via Twitter

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  • Carolina K RALEIGH, NC
    Jan. 1, 2018 7:20 a.m.

    I'm a Raleigh Girl. We are excited. Were excited to have him here a few weeks ago when they played Duke. At Christmas Choir practice we let the youth out early - they were excited to go here President Holland at a Fireside. My parents came here 60 years ago from Utah and decided to stay and raised their family here. Southerners in general are good people, friendly people. They are believers. It was and is a great place to raise a family. Whether people join our church or not, their is so much good here, you can learn a lot from your Baptist, Catholic friends etc- they walk the walk. The little ward I grew up in has split many times and is now 3 stakes. Welcome to our corner of Zion!

  • Florwood American Fork, UT
    Dec. 31, 2017 4:40 p.m.


    It's a social media world. This move instantly lets those who care about the Hollands know what's happening, rather than waiting to find a listing in the back of the Church News.

    And since they didn't make a big reveal game out of it, I don't see any problems with their doing their own announcing.

  • KOMeal Walworth, NY
    Dec. 31, 2017 10:01 a.m.

    ....how exciting to hear this news from a very excited President Matt Holland...what a fabulous example he and family are....Congrats brother!!!

  • Just want to know...... Northern Utah, UT
    Dec. 30, 2017 9:03 p.m.

    gsjpom: Most mission presidents know where they are going and tell friends and family. It is just formally announced by the Church at a later date.........

  • toosmartforyou Kaysville, UT
    Dec. 30, 2017 8:50 p.m.

    @gslpom--- It's called "social media" and the Brethren encourage the righteous use of it. With all due respect, the Church already knows where they have been called to serve. That's what's happened in case you didn't notice.

  • gsjpom Lawrence, KS
    Dec. 30, 2017 4:10 p.m.

    With all due respect, what ever happened to letting the Church make these announcements, rather than individually making these types of announcements?

  • Sol Scottsboro, AL
    Dec. 30, 2017 8:16 a.m.

    Raleigh, Cary in particular, has long been the new Provo. I used to see the Forbes moving map with a solid line between Raleigh and Provo.

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    Dec. 30, 2017 6:45 a.m.

    Welcome to North Carolina. He should be good for the young men and women of the mission. Unfortunately we will likely be full time in Utah by then... but he will surely make his mark on the mission and members in the area. Good stuff.

  • Farmer in Farmington Farmington, UT
    Dec. 30, 2017 6:44 a.m.

    This is one of a thousand sources of my faith. To have a young man and his wife leave a successful and lucrative career as a university president and focus the next three years on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks volumes.

    This couple (and family) are merely doing what so many followers of Christ strive to do each day, live the covenant they made when baptized; which is to be a witness of Christ in all things, bare one another’s burdens and to serve their fellow man.

    For the most part we fumble and fail at keeping our baptismal covenant. We are wonderfully imperfect, walking in a world awash with pride and distractions.

    Over time His Love, our desires and meager efforts, bring us to better know Jesus the Christ.

    It is compelling that fully through His grace, do we have this faith and hope. His grace creates within a desire to share with others.

    So the Hollands join quietly, with tens of thousands of young men and women, couples, singles and families to freely share their time, resources and talents.

    What marvelous fruits of faith...