Rise & Shout Podcast: Ty Detmer is out. Who's going to replace him?

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    Nov. 29, 2017 9:12 a.m.

    No amount of play makers will make up for a team that does not preform the fundamentals and do the little things.

    Enough with the excuses already! Air Force does not have the athletes and steals a game or two and is tough almost any game. Win or lose they at least play good football and play to their strengths. BYU played bad football from start to finish. No amount of good players will fix the lack of focus this team had.

    My question is are the coaches not use to dealing with all the head cases or were they not focused or were there to may head cases to direct for this staffs experience level?

    My guess is the head coach while getting some of the tone right did not set a mark to hold the team to that was performance based. Sad!

  • Sparkley Briefs New York, NY
    Nov. 29, 2017 7:57 a.m.

    It won't matter a lick who the new OC is if BYU still has no playmakers on the field. Ty was hamstrung by the fact that nobody on offense but Bushman could make a play. When your only real threat is your tight end, it doesn't take much to stop the offense.

    Nov. 29, 2017 7:29 a.m.

    It is hard to say the OC is not part of the problem with the pathetic offense BYU had this year. That said, the overall lack of focus and improvement week over week the program showed is set and controlled by the head coach.

    I don’t for one second buy this, “we don’t have the athletes line” going around. That is hard to take when you see a team not do the little things and work together as a team. It is not like they got beat playing their best. I did not see this team once play their best or up to their potential. Maybe Ty had his hands full of to many head cases that could not or would not be coached?

    I Would love to see the coaches layer skills and principles each week win or lose and see the team get better each week win or lose.

    Getting better did not happen from top to bottom with this team during the year. I would argue the offense was at best flat from week one to the end and the D started good but got worse as the season went on. Because of the decline of each unit as the season went on not because they lost is why the Head Coach needs to be shown the door!

  • JRBirdman Orem, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 6:26 p.m.

    The only reason we did better last year is because we had two NFL calibre players in Hill and Williams. Winning in college is 70% recruiting....... Sitaki had 2-3 weeks to put his first recruiting class together and with both recruiting classes two-thirds of them are out in the world passing out Book of Mormon's for two years. How's that a for getting your recruits to make a difference. We are slow as cold Tar at WR and we have an OL that has played poor most of the year. (They are the reason our QB's have had to run for their lives the last 4-5 years) How can any team expect to win with 4th string QB's and RB's. Ty has had nothing to work with-------and Y fans have Zero patience. There is a reason he suited up in the NFL for 13 years-----and it wasn't because he had a strong arm or was fast.

    They will turn it around------- and it will be because of recruiting great athletes that are also fine young men....Some of them are on missions now......I hope so bad that he is willing to stay as QB Coach.

  • Jello is Good ,
    Nov. 28, 2017 5:55 p.m.

    So what is Sitake to do. His defense was average, but his offense was not just bad, but one of the worst in all of college football. And before you say that it was the schedule, outside of Wisconsin, LSU, Mississippi State and Boise State we plated NOBODY. And if you blame it on the players, why is it that the line and receivers were the same as last year. And many said Mangum was better than Hill and should have started last year.

    Face it, Ty Detmer was a great college football player. That's it. He has no body of work showing anything else. Being an NFL back up is NOT even close to being an OC. Last year Hill and Williams pure skill and desire alone made up for any consistent effective offensive plan.

    This year continued. There was no creativity and no pre and in game adjustments. It was a gamble to choose an unproven person as the OC. It would ether be a bust or a success. We should not be surprised by the result.

    So back to Sitake. If my job is on the line, don't make be go down with somebody you forced on me. Let me succeed or fail with a guy I chose. So coach Sitake, this is your one mulligan. Choose well or a year from now it's you and Holme calling Re-Max.

  • O_Be_Wise Alpine, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 5:19 p.m.

    It really is too bad BYU's football program has no patience, lacks true leadership, and fails to see the real problems (just look at the press, and you see evidence of the current culture that lacks discipline). "Attitude (culture) reflects leadership." Leadership starts at the top. Maybe the problem is Sitake and Detmer don't mesh, but that is a problem for the head coach to figure out. Current coaching staff mix is more about nepotism than merit. BYU won more games in Ty's first two years as Offensive Coordinator than Lavell Edwards did in his first two years at BYU. And, Mike Gundy, head coach of Oklahoma State University (his alma mater, where he played quarterback) won less games than BYU in Ty's first two years. True the offense struggled tremendously this year in a system that emphasizes smart reads versus scheme & speed. The lack of discipline permeated the entire team, off the field and on the field (most notably in the offensive line trenches). The will to win is inspired by great coaching. The firing of Ty is a poor showing of leadership. Hopefully, BYU hasn't lost Ty Detmer. He is one of the best things that ever happened to the BYU football program.

  • adamz West Valley, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 5:07 p.m.

    So many bleeding hearts for Ty. I love the guy. I've had a lot of interaction with him.

    Yet so many forget that this team could only manage 20 points against Portland State...when the team was healthy and had all offseason to prepare!

    The "lack of talent" argument is bogus. If it were true, then BYU should not have lost to the likes of ECU, and UMass and barely beat Portland State. BYU consistently played BELOW it's pool of talent. That's coaching, folks.

    Everything wrong with Ty's playcalling can be summed up in the 4th and 1 call against Boise State. We were moving the ball consistently and strongly against their weakend defense. So what does Ty dial up? A high risk, single option play to throw a bomb downfield...using a quartback who had repeatedly demonstrated the inability to throw a deep ball throughout the game. Ty had a consistent, uncanny ability to outsmart himself.

    The ultimate error in judgement, though, rests with Holmoe and Sitake, when they put Ty in this position, instead of hiring him for the right job (QB Coach) in the first place.

    Don't believe that we don't have better options. False. Peterson and Simmons would both be much wiser (and seasoned) OCs.

  • Crazy in California Acampo, CA
    Nov. 28, 2017 4:35 p.m.

    Dumping Detmer was not the only option.
    If he has flaws, then fix them.
    He has strengths that were still born in this years perfect storm of performance paucity.
    I hope that is how this happens.

  • ute alumni Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 3:56 p.m.

    Great guy.
    Surprised Sitake used him as the fall guy.

  • Gruncle Ralph Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 2:42 p.m.


    Iowa State said the same thing two years ago when BYU was trying to enter the Big12.


    Iowa St didn't say it, some students at the school did.

  • Gruncle Ralph Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 2:38 p.m.


    ...And if you're thinking Kalani could fix things by letting a position coach or two go (Cahoon and/or Mahe for example) what is that going to really change?

    I'm sure Ty is a major attraction for QB recruits but how long would that be the case when we're sporting the worst offense in D-1? Even during the Crowton years with all the dysfunction we had on offense we were able to attract top tier talent at QB and all the skill positions. Even the demotion of Robbie Bosco from QBC to fundraising didn't hurt that.

    As for HOlmoe's scheduling, most of these games are scheduled years in advance and he has no way of knowing how good or bad a team will be that far in advance (look at last year's schedule as an example, who knew Mich St would be so bad?). Sometimes it works in our favor (last year) and sometimes it doesn't. This is the nature of the beast in Independence. We will not have balanced schedules until we get back into a conference.

    It was painfully evident that real change was needed. You can't make an omelet w/o cracking any eggs.

  • Gruncle Ralph Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 2:28 p.m.


    Ty is the fall guy. They could have brought someone in to help out at any point and they didn't. Ty didn't coach a single guy he recruited and without Ty who are you going to recruit at QB? Some of the top QBs in the nation are looking at BYU because of Ty, and now they won't. This is a bad decision on so many levels it shows Sitaki is the problem, HOLMOE is the problem for scheduling 6 ranked teams front loaded. This is all on Sitaki. He is the head coach, so take responsibility, do not slough it off onto someone else.


    Don't even know where to begin. Ty is still on staff as the QBC, he's just been relieved of his OC duties. He got a tough 2 yrs to prove himself as the OC and didn't get it done. That's the same amount of time Doman got. Whether or not he gets to stick around longer as the QBC will be up to the new OC (most likely).

    Everyone wants Sitake to be responsible for the problems on offense so how do you suppose he does that? By sitting idly by and doing nothing? Then crazy unrealistic fans will scream he's not doing anything.

  • BC-Cali21 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Nov. 28, 2017 1:33 p.m.

    Juicebox from Eureka, UT...you're dead wrong. If you think Detmer was the problem, you're smoking some major 420. The problem lies in other places besides the offensive coordinator. This is the AD's and the head coache's problem much before the OC.

  • Crazy in California Acampo, CA
    Nov. 28, 2017 12:27 p.m.

    Detmer could have done better.

    But that isn't the issue for me. Continuity is. BYU has to have coaches that build from the inside and are built from the inside with people who are loyal, committed to the school and stay when more lucrative opportunities beckon.
    I see Detmer as the future. Groom him now as quarterback coach, let him mature with less pressure and scrutiny. If he gets bumped out of the program all together I'll be disgusted.

  • Juice Box Eureka, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 12:08 p.m.

    He managed one of the worst offenses in college football, mismanaged a promising QB, didn't recognize the need to fix issues at receiver and line. He didn't know what he was doing.

    Pretty much anyone could do better. This was a smart move. He should gain more experience as a college football coach first before he gets an OC position. He jumped in too early. Robert Anae's offense was so much better than Ty Detmer's offense that it isn't even funny.

    No logic would ever lead you to keep him.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Nov. 28, 2017 11:22 a.m.

    There is nobody better that BYU could ever get than Ty Detmer. I think Tom Holmoe and Sitaki both know that. The problem is perception. You have a 4 win season you have to show that you are trying to fix things and so you fire somebody. I think especially in BYU's case the clock is ticking on athletics in general and I suspect it is well understood that BYU won't be in the NCAA much longer. A school of faith that refuses to compromise its honor code and Christian values has no place in modern NCAA programs. The NCAA is all PC and if you doubt me check out what the PAC12 said about BYU a few years ago regarding Prop 8 and that disqualifies BYU for ever entering the PAC12. Iowa State said the same thing two years ago when BYU was trying to enter the Big12. Public colleges across America are nearly all anti-Christian and PC as well as anti-free speech as we have seen in Berkley this past year and if you don't surrender your standards to the PC police in the NCAA you can expect to be shut out ...as BYU is now. So BYU knows the clock is ticking and its time in the NCAA is coming to an end anyway. Good for BYU for standing up for values over PC.

  • DimitriN Greenville, SC
    Nov. 28, 2017 10:34 a.m.

    Ty is the fall guy. They could have brought someone in to help out at any point and they didn't. Ty didn't coach a single guy he recruited and without Ty who are you going to recruit at QB? Some of the top QBs in the nation are looking at BYU because of Ty, and now they won't. This is a bad decision on so many levels it shows Sitaki is the problem, HOLMOE is the problem for scheduling 6 ranked teams front loaded. This is all on Sitaki. He is the head coach, so take responsibility, do not slough it off onto someone else. Ok, this year, no donation to Cougar Club. Maybe never again.