Harmon's Halftime: Decades later, baseball fan explains how Vernon Law attracted him to LDS faith

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  • Flashback Kearns, UT
    Dec. 21, 2017 9:33 a.m.

    I've known Vern Law my whole life due to his relationship with my grandparents who lived in Pittsburgh. He's a wonderful man and still as humble as ever. He spoke at my Grandpa's funeral years ago. I recommend reading the book that is about him and the 1960 Pirates named "Kiss it Goodbye". A wonderful book about Vern and the 1960 Pirates.

    I was 2.5 years old and remember watching the 7th game with my mom and dad and them going nuts at Maz's homerun to win the game.

  • vaquero St Johns, AZ
    Nov. 9, 2017 4:27 p.m.

    I was in the 5th grade in 1960, detested the Yankees, and learned of Vern Law's Church membership. With that memorable 7th game I became a Pirate and Vern Law fan.

    It is an absolute shame that Law's ankle was injured during rough-housing on the bus after clinching the national league, leading to an alteration in his delivery and ultimately a career ending arm problem at a time when he should have been at the pinnacle of his career.

    He showed no rancor toward the individual on the bus who caused that injury. Vern Law is a great man.