Music and the Spoken Word: 'The price of mortality'

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  • ssev Maple Grove, MN
    Nov. 7, 2017 8:10 a.m.

    "[T]he ones who find joy are the ones who never stop looking for the good."

    It has been said that the prophet Joseph Smith once said the name "Mormon" meant "more good." As a lover of the Book of Mormon, I am always looking for more good; that's why I ask my Mormon friends and family to join me in the only plan that would eliminate world poverty, which is the real evil in the world today. Poverty leads to hunger, cold, ignorance and death, but it doesn't have to, if we as a people would rise up and demand that every human being have an inalienable right to the basics for human survival--food, shelter, clothing, health care and education.

    Our Christ warned that how we care for the weakest among us will determine whether or not we will be found on his right hand at the last day. (See Matthew 25.) Let's provide the basics for human survival, that we may be found on the right hand of our Christ. A righteous government would do this for its citizens. A righteous religion would demand it.