GOP congressional primary may be too close to call

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  • Proud Polynesian Mahn Provo, UT
    Aug. 15, 2017 7:39 p.m.

    Voted for Herrod and proud of it too. As long as another conservative and not moderate gets into congress.

  • TAS Tehachapi, CA
    Aug. 15, 2017 7:01 p.m.

    NoNames, this is a free country, we can join whatever party we wish to belong to.

  • Brer Rabbit Spanish Fork, UT
    Aug. 15, 2017 1:49 p.m.

    So, "GOP congressional primary may be too close to call." I remember back in 2008 there was another highly contested 3rd CD GOP primary between incumbent, Rep. Chris Cannon and new comer Jason Chaffetz. Up until the night of the election the Utah polling company, Dan Jones and Associates was calling this election, "To close to call," but after it was over Chaffetz had won by 19 percentage points. Since then polls have become even more unreliable to near the point of being useless.

    The main problem with this primary will be the political shenanigans being played out in Utah and Summit Counties, compounded by the mail-in ballots. If it is close, this election will probably play out in the courts, due to the errors in these two counties allowing non-republicans to vote in the republican primary.

  • SME Bountiful, UT
    Aug. 15, 2017 11:00 a.m.

    Voter suppression is indeed a matter of grave concern. I would be interested in what Ms. Dennehy considers voter suppression. Is it merely asking someone to prove they are who they say they are? I don't believe that constitutes voter suppression.

  • NoNamesAccepted St. George, UT
    Aug. 15, 2017 10:02 a.m.

    @It Begins In Utah:

    Why should those who won't even bother to affiliate with the GOP presume to have any input whatsoever into who the GOP candidate is?

    How about the voters and legislators stop making the GOP hold a primary election even if the duly elected neighborhood delegates have selected their nominee? Why should someone be allowed to steal the successful Republican brand name if he won't even bother to meet with those who have been duly elected to represent Republican voters?

    It is easy for the Democrats, Socialist Party, Communist Party, Green Party, and Utah United Party to claim they have open primaries when they almost never actually have a primary election. These parties select their nominee in closed convention, quite often even before convention. Then the presume to brag about having open primaries? Primaries that rarely actually happen and when they do almost never have any significant offices?

    Be honest and honorable enough to let every party select their best standard bearers without outside interference. Independents have easy ballot access. Then vote as you see fit in the general election.

  • samhill Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 15, 2017 9:06 a.m.

    "GOP congressional primary may be too close to call"

    So, how's bout the idea of simply not bothering trying to "call" it?

    Isn't the whole point of an election to let "the people" determine the outcome? Otherwise, if "calling" an election actually had any validity, why bother with the election?

    If the last presidential election didn't teach all of the so-called prognosticators of the futility and foolishness of their fascination with predicting election outcomes, I don't know what could.

  • It Begins In Utah Logan, UT
    Aug. 15, 2017 6:36 a.m.

    It would all be a lot easier if they just had open primaries and let unaffiliated voters vote.

    If not, then at least stop making the majority of Utah taxpayers fund an election they have no say in. Please.

  • Third try screen name Mapleton, UT
    Aug. 14, 2017 7:47 p.m.

    This article is confusing. The headline says "too close to call," but the story is about chaos in registration and counting. These are too different topics.

    Deseret News had been reporting on polls that show Curtis running away with the race. After reading the story I'm not sure if DN is sticking with that.

    Personally, I think Herrod is the best candidate. Ainge is just a name and Curtis lost my confidence over the police chief problem.

    We'll know one of these days.

  • NoNamesAccepted St. George, UT
    Aug. 14, 2017 6:44 p.m.

    Honestly, registration or changing party affiliation for voting in Primary elections should have to happen before anyone knows which parties will or will not have a primary election.

    If someone isn't interested enough in the GOP to register as a Republican before they know whether there will be a primary, before they know whether the Democrats or Libertarians or Socialist Party will be having primaries, then that person has no business presuming to help pick the GOP nominee.

    Playing some game by voting in a GOP primary when you know full well you'll never vote for the GOP nominee, even if it is the guy you voted for in the primary, is inherently dishonest. It is like a BYU student presuming to help pick the captain of the UoU football team with full intent to make it as easy as possible for BYU to win the game against the U. There is no honor nor integrity to such a course of action.

    Support your own team or party. Put forth the best candidate you can. Make your appeals to the electorate. And let the chips fall where they may. Win or lose, have honor.

    Affiliating just to affect a nomination process is cowardly and dishonest.