Slain mom found family, support in bodybuilding community

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  • Straitpath PROVO, UT
    June 9, 2017 2:38 p.m.

    One could paraphrase the headline to read Slain Mom found Death in Bodybuilding Community.

  • Harrison Bergeron Holladay , UT
    June 9, 2017 10:33 a.m.

    I agree there is a big lingering question out there about nature of the relationship between Rackley and Patterson. Under normal circumstances, this would be a personal matter. However, because we have seen so many kids hurt or killed by the men who divorced or separated women choose to bring into their lives, there needs to be a certain level of public awareness. Women need to be able to protect their children and themselves. There are lessons to be learned from this situation once all of the facts are known.

  • IAlaw Malvern, IA
    June 9, 2017 9:01 a.m.


    I appreciate your comment. It could definitely be that Patterson was simply an uber-crazy stalker who had falsely imagined to himself that he and Rackley had a relationship. I hope that's all it was, and I imagine she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  • Katherine Centerville, UT
    June 9, 2017 8:56 a.m.

    A previous article explained that Memorez and her husband had quietly separated some time ago but that her estranged husband lived nearby and that they frequently we together to support their children in their healing, at school, and in their activities.

    A neighbor of hers posted on Facebook that Justin was a stalker who wouldn't leave her alone.

    I don't know if they had a relationship or if it was all in Justin's head, but it doesn't sound like there was anything 'adulterous' about it.

  • IAlaw Malvern, IA
    June 9, 2017 7:18 a.m.

    @UgottaloveMaxie :

    Respectfully, I disagree. I'm not sure that is beside the point. (And I'm sure the commenter wasn't saying the murder was justified. The murder was a tragedy and uncalled for, without question.)

    I confess that I'm just an outside observer here, missing a lot of details. But it seems that there was something else--something equally tragic--going on, even before the murder. It seems that a marriage and a family were falling apart, and it may have been in partial part because of something that began as a seemingly innocent obsession. Other than the murder, this seems to parallel a sad chain of events that I've seen more and more often lately, among friends, former classmates, fellow congregants, etc.

  • UgottaloveMaxie Salt Lake City, UT
    June 8, 2017 10:38 p.m.

    That's beside the point. Yes they had pictures together hugging at the gym but it doesn't justify murder. So sad.

  • Seldom Seen Smith Orcutt, CA
    June 8, 2017 9:24 p.m.

    Were Memorez Rackley and Justin Patterson engaged in an adulterous relationship?