Utah ranks 5th in U.S. for visitor spending at national parks

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  • JMHO Kanab, UT
    April 20, 2017 11:49 a.m.

    Could it be because we have so many parks already?
    How about spending per park? That would be a better study since Utah is just Fed light when it comes to land ownership.

  • Johnny Triumph Lahaina, HI
    April 20, 2017 9:54 a.m.

    @icecreamghost - from what I read the convention decided to leave for more reasons than just the state's stance...and demanded a ton from the state just to stay. While it was nice to host that (and help it grow into what it is today) we're better off without it.

    @icecream - I'll agree with you that I really dislike visiting the parks now. We hit Arches hard starting back in 2007 and had the place to ourselves in early April that year. We spent nearly 2 hours at Sand Dune Arch and didn't see a soul. A return visit last year, same time of year, found at least 100 people at the same spot. We nearly bought a second home in Moab because of that trip, now we rarely go to Moab.

  • Ernest T. Bass Bountiful, UT
    April 20, 2017 9:29 a.m.

    Clearly these numbers are false. Gov Herbert and the other (r)s in Utah convinced us all the protecting public lands never bring people, their money, or jobs to these beautiful areas.
    Bears Ears NM will never bring jobs.

  • IceCreamGhost Sandy, UT
    April 19, 2017 11:39 p.m.

    I've noticed the crowds getting bigger and bigger every year - to the point where I fantasize about the days where you could have a lot of the park to yourself if you came at the right time of year! National and state parks are a great asset and if well managed will bring money into the local communities.

    @1Reader -
    As a person from California, I highly doubt you know how much the outdoor retailer show impacted Utah.
    The biggest injury from that whole outdoor retailers show debacle was that Utah gave off the impression that we don't care about our wild lands and are eager to lease it out parcel by parcel to the highest bidder. Our reputation as an outdoorsman state was hurt and will take time to recover. Utah needs to appreciate the wealth we have and preserve it so that the next generation of Americans can see the great beauties of the west.

  • 1Reader Sunnyvale, CA
    April 19, 2017 8:32 p.m.

    That's so very much more than the Outdoor Retailers Show--which hardly contributed to bringing these visitors.

  • stevo123 Driggs, ID
    April 19, 2017 7:54 p.m.

    This is a great case for Bears Ears.

  • JSB Sugar City, ID
    April 19, 2017 7:22 p.m.

    These people by a lot gas in Utah. Would increasing the gas tax a few cents a gallon be a good idea?