2017 'Beauty and the Beast' updates the animated classic into a live-action visual spectacle

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  • lets be mature Meridian/USA, ID
    March 22, 2017 8:58 a.m.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's dumb we had to include SSA in this film, but this story is about a girl falling in love with a buffalo. Where's all of that controversy?

  • Xpat1961 Elk Creek, MO
    March 21, 2017 6:18 a.m.

    It is 2017 and people are calling homosexuality "objectionable" and getting away with it? And who are the are the people you are using the first person plural about in "scenes that challenge our perceptions"? Speak for yourself.

  • Llew40 Sandy, UT
    March 18, 2017 10:14 p.m.

    Just got back from the movie theater. It WAS good and it is worth seeing. However, too many male characters seemed confused by their sexuality: La Fue, Gaston and there's a townsman during the castle raid who isn't as bothered by the wardrobe's "makeover" while his two male friends are. The extra scenes, such as Belle and the Beast further exploring their relationship and the additional songs are why you shouldn't cancel your next Disneyland trip.

  • bass679 Novi, MI
    March 17, 2017 1:38 p.m.

    I guess I'm having a hard time getting upset with LeFou being explicitly gay when I always thought he was pretty clearly attracted to Gaston in the cartoon version. Even as a kid I thought LeFou was incredibly obsessed with Gaston and his manliness.

    I guess it seems like I feel like people are freaking out about something that happened in 1991.

  • Pib Blacksburg, VA
    March 17, 2017 11:26 a.m.

    Iam4Virtue - The review did not fail to mention the controversy to which you're referring: "Josh Gad plays LeFou, Gaston’s loyal associate whose animated tomfoolery has been augmented with just enough played-for-laughs romantic affection to generate some pre-release controversy."

    It appears the reviewer was either unconcerned with this "cockroach" or else the whole controversy has been blown out of proportion to increase traffic and ad revenue on news sites and to generate more buzz about the film.

    Perhaps scenes that challenge our perceptions will present opportunities for dialogue with our children about materials that we deem inappropriate. This new retelling of Beauty and the Beast may be one of the most innocuous settings to introduce and help young people to understand homosexual behavior and why it is objectionable, but how it doesn't make LeFou a bad person. We can still love LeFou for his good qualities, in spite of his same-gender attraction. Just as we've been taught to do.

  • airnaut Everett, 00
    March 17, 2017 10:02 a.m.

    Saw it last night.

    Great Show!
    True to the Classic.

    Not to be disappointed!

  • Iam4Virtue Provo, UT
    March 17, 2017 9:35 a.m.

    Some Latter-day Saints may remember a MormonAd from 2002...a sundae with a cockroach in it, "It's great...except for the bad parts." This review and the parental guidelines failed to mention the cockroach strategically placed in this film. This has been in the news for 2 weeks!! Why are you failing to mention it here??? Yes, the hype was overblown...but the cockroach is there. Thank goodness, the family-friendly movieguide dot org gives the details that you do not. From Movie Guide: "Though brief, the subplot is so in-your-face and political that it detracts from the main fantasy. It also doesn’t fit in with the fairy tale’s strong heterosexual, moral and even biblical perspective. In fact, the sidekick’s homosexual attraction toward his friend, the villain, seems based on lust rather than love." Is the Deseret News now more loyal to Disney than to your Christian readers?

  • Test1 FR, 00
    March 17, 2017 6:33 a.m.

    Love this new version!

  • Xpat1961 Elk Creek, MO
    March 17, 2017 3:59 a.m.

    In "Points for parents", they forget to mention the rose petal falling what appears to be a great distance for a tiny rose petal.