Amy Donaldson: Sometimes a goal, issue or problem seems so massive it's overwhelming, but victory comes in small steps

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  • Swiss Price, Utah
    Feb. 13, 2017 11:03 a.m.

    I have switched to a CNG Silverado even though I am only on the Wasatch Front on the first Friday of the month for a Submarine Veterans meeting. The Questar filling stations I have to been to all say that what I am burning is guaranteed to be 90% methane.
    I hope the legislature remembers the CNG vehicles when it gives tax breaks to the electric vehicles. I have yet to see a Tesla at the charging station here in Price and when I was at the Capitol Friday the charging station in front of the Senate building was also empty.
    If I use both methane and gasoline I should be able to go 650 miles which seems to be more than any electric vehicle. My friend back east was bragging that his wife's vehicle had a 500 range while his range was only 400 on flat land. I need to be able to get from the CNG station in Moab to Phoenix where the next four CNG stations seem to be.
    As far as power I can't tell the difference as I go over Billies' Mountain or Soldiers' Summit, I have more than enough power to pass and exceed the speed limit. Thank goodness for cruise control!