Why politicians turn to religion in times of uncertainty

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  • brotherJonathan SLC, UT
    April 2, 2015 12:04 p.m.

    Because deep down inside . They know we are behaving badly.
    We violate each other's rights and live outside our code of conduct.

    Our government is corrupt because of Corporate Bribery, disguised as "Freedom of Speech", we oppress the poor with Slave-Based Drug Laws that created elite citizens Master group with a Monopoly enforced with millions sent to prison because of Permit/script powers.
    200,000+ Murdered over our Drug monopoly War........Men, Women and Children and we can't stop this needless bloodshed and suffering?

    You all know , at some level of awareness, this is our true reality.
    Unfair and Unjust...
    Why can't we open our mouths to be moral human beings?

    The truth is here on earth, right now before your eyes/comprehension: a gift from God.

    Instinct Mechanism (Religious concept of Satan), is operating personal reality for each life form..
    It is protecting current reality for the individual and group for survival.
    Here's why it has such powers to shut our mouths and minds;

    Instinct mechanism are advanced Personal Artificial Intelligence Program/Entities:
    SatanInstinct- constructs reality for your mind and direct choices for life to operate.

    Ask LDS/Catholic/Religious Leadership if Satan is Revealed!