Take away the TV, increase your sixth-grader's emotional intelligence

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  • Hamath Omaha, NE
    Aug. 27, 2014 2:42 p.m.

    My and my roommates in college tried an experiment. For one semester we banned the TV to the hallway closet.
    Results: 1) It wasn't as hard to go without as we thought it would
    2) We all did better in school and at our jobs
    3) All of us, had massive tangible improvements in our social lives.
    4) Three of the five roommates at least (myself included) met our spouses that semester. We were all actively trying to date (all RM's and we were going to BYU).

    Fast forward 18 mo. later. I'm moving out, having gotten married. I've 4 new roommates. One of them asks me if I was going to leave the TV they found in the closet. It wasn't mine. Whomever's TV it was forgot it. We all forgot about it. And we never missed it.

    Still don't.