The real reason behind Hollywood's diversity problem

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  • Gildas LOGAN, UT
    Aug. 11, 2014 5:47 a.m.

    There is a dearth of moral characters too,or movies that have high moral standards. You would think that no one ever got married or that there were only a few old people in the world. Where are the pre-marital virgins, that are not objects of fun. I have lost count of the number of times I sat looking through available films on the internet, including the well known specialists in that area, and could find nothing suitable. There are plenty of films that depict murder, gory crime scenes, vampires, drug trafficking, and all manner of sexual oddities, but little to represent decent heterosexual married couples who love each other and are faithful, or much that is uplifting.

    I'm not looking for films that depict a particular Christian faith although they do not offend me, but it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack to find anything that is entertaining that is not crude or plain immoral. Family films are often children's films and that's not always what you want to see, but so-called "adult entertainment" seems to me the grossest kind of immaturity.

  • djofraleigh raleigh, NC
    Aug. 9, 2014 9:46 p.m.

    TV commercials to the contrary seem to have blended families or bi-racial actors disproportionately to the real world. Becoming so race conscious is a double edged sword. Fat people, ugly people are under-represented, too, among others. Few people in movies look old, either.

    Aug. 9, 2014 1:49 p.m.

    When will Univision, Starmax HD, Minimax and Telemundo get any diversity? White, Black or Asian? And when do we get English subtitles.

    Are you sure all Hispanics are being counted, like Charlie Sheen and Cameron Diaz?