Seventh-day Adventist leader calls on family experiences to tackle challenges facing the church

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  • morpunkt Glendora, CA
    Aug. 4, 2014 7:12 a.m.

    Sorry. I meant SDA University. (I didn't realize my mistake until after I sent it.)

  • Eliyahu Pleasant Grove, UT
    Aug. 2, 2014 7:14 a.m.

    Having lived in a city that was predominantly Seventh-Day Adventist, I would note that there are also a lot of differences, some of which make Mormons look almost mainstream. They have their own prophetess (Ellen White), push a vegetarian diet on their members, as well as some very "unique" teachings about the book of Revelation that they heavily promote. They put the dozens of books by Ellen White on an equal footing with the Bible and are far less tolerant of outsiders.

  • southmtnman Provo, UT
    July 27, 2014 6:38 a.m.

    LLU is not "an LDS University".

  • morpunkt Glendora, CA
    July 26, 2014 10:17 a.m.

    As an LDS member and attending an LDS university, (Loma Linda University), Physical Therapy program, I was amazed at so many similarities between my faith and theirs.
    First of all, I never had to deal with anti-Mormon sentiment of any kind. During this time I was also able to make very good friendships with my classmates. The professors were also wonderful. To this day, I will always cherish the loving friendship I had with my anatomy professor, Ronald Hershey. Dr. Hershey is on my "top 10" list of most Christ-like people I have ever met in my life. I still get emotional, just thinking about that great man.
    The similarities ranged from the Adventist's concept of balancing works with faith, tithing, brotherly love, testimony meetings, etc. Yes, true, there were differences, of course, such as the Sabbath debate, their thoughts about spirits, etc. But, I never felt like I was needing to deal with contention.
    BTW-I always defend SDA people and continue to express my gratitude for allowing me to attend their university and providing an avenue for my career. May the Lord continue to bless them. Thank you, my SDA friends!

    July 25, 2014 11:25 a.m.

    Nice article. The ladies from his church displayed a wonderfule example of loving the sinner while not condoning the sin. A harder road to follow than the "tolerance highay", but surely one our Savior expects us to follow.....