Judge: Evict FLDS families not paying fees

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  • GaryO Virginia Beach, VA
    June 14, 2014 3:48 p.m.

    Reminds me of the Cliven Bundy situation.

    Ultra-Conservatives think they have a right to break laws.

    After all, what are laws, but demands made by the evil (in their minds) government?


    Fundamentally what? Thieves and scofflaws?

  • My2Cents Taylorsville, UT
    June 14, 2014 3:25 a.m.

    I think this is slightly unconstitutional for the state and judge to confiscate the homes and property form the owners then make them pay the state rent or fee to live in their homes. Has this state gone mad? It is insane that our legal systems is persecuting and obstructing people right to their personal property.

    This is pure nuts and criminal and illegal act violating the civil and religious rights of american citizens and they haven't committed or been convicted of any crimes. This is something the DOJ should be involved in and make Utah repay the people for personal and prejudicial act unbecoming of any government of the united states.

    Make the judge pay the fees and remove him from the bench for threatening citizens with biased and prejudiced oppression.