Join the discussion: Does religion affect Mitt Romney's view on immigration?

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  • take2ndbreath Princeton, TX
    June 10, 2014 2:17 p.m.

    @ LDS Liberal. Before the 2012 election I was watching CNN and they were admiring how Obama had "evolved" by changing his mind about gay marriage. Even before this I had noticed that people kept saying that Romney flip flopped, but any time Obama changed his mind he had "evolved". As I screamed at the television that this was a double standard, one of the CNN news commentators said, "Hey, why when Romney changes his mind we call it 'flip-flopping' but when Obama does it we say he's 'evolved'" You could hear crickets chirping as the others just stared like deer in headlights.

    People change. People evolve. I hate to admit it, but in 2008 I voted for Obama. Now? I can't even begin to describe how I feel about him because it doesn't involve polite language and the NSA might be reading this.

    I would hope that as one gains experience, meets new people, discovers how complicated issues really can be that they can be intelligent enough to re-examine their opinions on certain subjects. (It's. Called. LEARNING). You might want to try it sometime and give Romney and other 'evolvers' a break.

  • Pendergast Salt Lake City, UT
    June 9, 2014 8:43 a.m.

    Mitt? Barack? W? HW? Bill C?

    Stop electing or considering Ivy Leaguers for POTUS and get someone like Gary Johnson in the White House and alot of problems may get solved.

    There is still congress and special interesting to foul up the process.

  • RichardB Murray, UT
    June 7, 2014 3:40 p.m.

    2 bits

    Presidents in both parties have enforced the laws. With over 72% of the American people wanting enforcement before amnesty, it has to happen. It might not happen with this President or the next, but the pendulum will swing. The thought of 12 million lawbreakers being rewarded has flooded Congress and the Presidents email inboxes this year.

    We can't afford them taking American jobs that can't be exported like hospitality, service, and construction. Amnesty is out of the question, the only long term solution is to stop it now. Millions are still coming, it's going to get worse, as the word is out on Obama, and ICE not turning people back. Instead they are sending them to other states.

  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    June 7, 2014 11:58 a.m.

    ‘Join the discussion: Does religion affect Mitt Romney's view on immigration?’



    The LDS Church has consistently supported immigration reform.

    Mitt Romney has changed position on it 3 different times now.

    First he was for it.
    Then he was against.
    Now he is for it, again.

  • AmberDru Xenia, OH
    June 7, 2014 5:52 a.m.

    Can you be a Mormon and believe in countries having borders? Seems the Catholic church doesn't. Attrition through enforcement was a good ides. Barbra Jordan proposed in under Bill Clinton. There has been a record number of illegals rushing the borders (they aren't all kids). The word has gotten out. If you have a kid, 2, 3,,+ you can stay. This is what happens with every promise of amnesty. DACAs, those whose deportation hearings were cancelled, those who got "relief" have told their countrymen to run for the border because even if you don't stay, the longer you're here , the less likely you'll ever have to leave...Even if you came illegally.

  • george of the jungle goshen, UT
    June 6, 2014 4:59 p.m.

    The only real job out Government has, is to protect our borders and our economy. It's easy to make things complicated, hard to make things simple.

  • ThinksIThink SEATTLE, WA
    June 6, 2014 4:20 p.m.

    Romney's position on immigration has evolved. HIs religion's position on immigration has evolved as well. I don't know if Romney's position lines up with his religion's position, but they've probably at least crossed paths at some point. I suppose you could say the same thing about gay rights, etc.

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    June 6, 2014 3:53 p.m.


    NO American President is willing to use the enforcement provisions already in place.... Because it would cost his PARTY too many votes.

    It's NEVER going to happen. EVER.

    They (Party politicians) don't look at this situation the way normal Americans do. When they see people... they see votes. And they must find a way to get those votes... MOST politicians will do ANYTHING to get those votes.

    Getting serious about enforcement just doesn't test well... it doesn't bring in enough potential votes to offset the backlash from a certain minority group.

    The media's telling all politicians they need that minority group to win... so Politicians will do NOTHING that may offend that group. Something we need to get used to.

    That minority is the "Majority" in some States already. It's for sure not getting smaller...

  • RichardB Murray, UT
    June 6, 2014 12:42 p.m.

    There should be no reform until we have a President that is willing to use the enforcement provisions already in place.

    We can't let in 12-18 million people all at once, that's more than our legal immigration numbers over 10 years (11 million). We already have a surplus of labor, and the 32 million (congressional budget office numbers for amnesty and families over the next ten years) would destroy our social services, social security (32 million retiring in 20-30 years after not paying into the system much of their lives) our culture and our political system. It would be the destruction of America.

    Is business really that greedy. Other media is reporting that ICE is shipping people arriving here illegally from Texas to Arizona as the flood of people arriving is overloading the social services of south Texas. It seems that people from central and south America have been told to come here illegally, that we are not enforcing our laws.

    We can't afford to not enforce our laws any longer. The long period of high unemployment has shown the cost of surplus labor.

  • Wonder Provo, UT
    June 6, 2014 10:54 a.m.

    I don't care if people change their mind. But when they change it, and then they change it, and then they change it again, depending on the audience they are speaking to, then I tend to think they are pandering.

  • Irony Guy Bountiful, Utah
    June 6, 2014 10:51 a.m.

    What exactly are Romney's views on immigration? They change from day to day...

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    June 6, 2014 9:54 a.m.

    I actually think someone being willing to change their mind shows signs of personal integrity and that they take the issues serious. No one knows everything about everything.... and we all can stand to learn more. If that learning doesn't result in evolving positions, you really haven't learned anything.

    I respect someone far more that says they got it wrong and are changing their opinion, than someone who stubbornly stands by an opinion despite all reasoning. Stubbornness and inflexibility is not a positive attribute. And neither of these has anything to do with being true to your convictions and faith.

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    June 6, 2014 9:53 a.m.

    IMO... There were problems with Romney's immigration plan (just as there are problems with EVERY immigration plan since Ronald Reagan's). There is no perfect immigration plan. That's why I believe that it should be handled and delivered in several small chunks (over time). So we can try a LITTLE piece of what we THINK is "Progress", see how it works, maybe undo it if it doesn't work or make changes, and try something else.

    Trying to combine everything into one HUGE Immigration Reform bill... is a recipe for failure for the bill, and disaster for those affected (and we are ALL affected in one way or another).

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    June 6, 2014 9:02 a.m.

    I'm sorry, but Mitt Romney is simply not relevant. Who cares about this question. He can't deliver his party's conservative wing. The moderate wing is treading water and afraid to cross the conservatives. And the Dems know they will never get a single ounce of cooperation from the GOP because of the GOPs irrational hatred of the President.

    @ Thid, this isn't about Obama. It's about Romney. Can you back off the bashing for 10 minutes?

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    June 6, 2014 8:58 a.m.

    IMO this severe Democrat upset with Mitt changing his position on things is mostly partisan posturing. If it wasn't... they would be equally upset with Barack (but they aren't).

    In 2008, he said: "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage."... May 9, 2012 ABC broke into its daytime lineup, to announce the president of the United States declaring his personal support for gay marriage....

    Barack Obama has changed his position on a LOT of things. For one... Afghanistan.

    There are many... but I just wanted to point out that Obama changes his position too... lest Democrats think can criticize Romney for it... but not Obama.

  • Thid Barker Victor, ID
    June 6, 2014 8:31 a.m.

    LDS Liberal. Which Mitt Romney???? Which Barrack Obama? The campaigning Obama or the real Obama? The ACA promises Obama or what we got Obamacare lies Obama, period?
    The VA Obama or the real VA scandal where veterans died Obama?
    The most open administration in history or the real lies, secrecy and cover-ups Obama?
    The IRS abuses that outraged Obama or the real covering up and denying Obama?
    The Benghazi Obama(we will find and punish those who did this and the tape lies) or the real Obama?
    The fast and furious Obama or the real covering up Obama?
    The Syria "red line" Obama or the Putin's stooge Obama?
    The 5 war criminals back on the battlefield Obama or the excuses Obama?
    I fear your liberal ideology has poisoned your view of the real Obama! What Obama says and what he does is usually totally opposite, period!

  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    June 6, 2014 8:11 a.m.

    OK DN monitor --
    I didn't see what was wrong the last 2 times,
    but I'll try again anyway...

    Flip-Flop-and back to Flip.

    This was why I could support him in 2008,
    but could not in 2012.

    Which Mitt Romney?

  • The Real Maverick Orem, UT
    June 6, 2014 7:49 a.m.

    Instead of deporting the illegal immigrants, how about we deport Americans who know the immigration laws yet still employ illegally? They value money over following the rules and laws of our country.

    Deport the illegal business owners and the illegal immigrants will have no incentive to come and stay here.

  • Thid Barker Victor, ID
    June 6, 2014 7:25 a.m.

    Obama doesn't enforce the immigration laws we have now! What good will MORE useless laws do? Don't tell me how Obama has deported more illegals than any other President because its another lie! Obama just released thousands of illegal aliens from prisons, most with criminal records onto the streets! Where did he get the authority to do that?

  • ECR Burke, VA
    June 6, 2014 7:23 a.m.

    Many of those posting comments here have rightfully expressed frustration and even anger at the idea of granting a pathway to citizenship for those who have entered the country illegally. There is certainly justification for those feelings and those who have stated that our current laws should be enforced are absolutely right.

    But there is a larger problem that needs our attention and upholding laws and taking a hard stance toward those who have broken the law in the past will not solve that problem. Some estimates are that as many as 12 million illegals currently reside in our country. Many of them work in jobs that serve our needs and we are happy they are there to do those jobs. My expereince is that these are some of the hardest working people I know. But how long will we force them to live in the shadows, allowing them to use our government services without allowing them to pay legal taxes on the money they make in order to support those servicews. A pathway to citizenship is the ONLY way to resolve such a huge problem. What is the alternative? Rounding up 12 Million people and bussing them back to the border?

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    June 6, 2014 6:52 a.m.

    I think the Mitt you see now is the real Mitt, because he isn't being advised by Neocons trying to appease the far right fringe. I am willing to bet he doesn't care if he is branded as a RINO.... in fact, if he is, he should wear it as a badge of honor.

    The Republican Party needs to be led by pragmatic people who understand how to get things done.... not talking heads trying to excite peoples emotions by emphasizing feelings of self superiority. Mit became a good business many by knowing to get, you must give a little as well. Something the current Republican leaders just doesn't get.

  • JoeBlow Far East USA, SC
    June 6, 2014 5:15 a.m.

    Lots of comments saying "enforce the existing laws".

    If that is your position then you are advocating deporting over 11 million people. PERIOD.

    Is that reasonable? Is it even doable? Think about it.

    Bumper sticker positions are easy. But not always realistic.


    Immigration reform will NOT get done before the 2016 election. It would be seen as a win for Obama. And we know that will never be allowed.

    Heck, I predict we will be talking about Immigration reform in 5 years. Neither side will get everything they want, and hence, nothing will pass.

  • The Real Maverick Orem, UT
    June 5, 2014 10:11 p.m.

    Flip flop flip flop!

    I have no idea what Romney's view on immigration is. What time is it? This morning it was one way, this afternoon was another, and tonight? Boy it's changed again.

    Mitt will do and say anything to get people to like him.

  • The Wraith Kaysville, UT
    June 5, 2014 9:17 p.m.


    It's a little like asking: "Does a person's worldview have an impact on their views of the world?"

  • Tekakaromatagi Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    June 5, 2014 9:14 p.m.

    Beginning of sarcasm and fake outrage // He is free to believe in empathy but it should not affect his policy views. We aren't a theocracy. If he wants to live in a theocracy he should go to Iran! / End of sarcasm and fake outrage.

  • Hemlock Salt Lake City, UT
    June 5, 2014 7:36 p.m.

    The headline is a very naive question. Does Rev. Jeremiah Wright affect Barach Obama's view on releasing Sgt. Bergdahl? One's philosophy, be it religious or secular, determines one's position on everything. There is no hegemony on immigration issues within LDS doctrine so if you want to know, ask Mitt Romney, but don't take a poll.

  • The Wraith Kaysville, UT
    June 5, 2014 5:40 p.m.

    Holy cow I'm going to agree with 2 bits.

    How could religion not affect his views on immigration. A persons religious views would affect almost everything they have a view on. A persons nonreligious views will affect almost all of the views they have. A persons deeply held views on great movies likely affects their views. A persons favorite music will affect their views.

    I don't know 2 bits, did we just answer the headline with too much of a meta answer? I mean it seems obvious that his views are reflected by his religion. Perhaps we were too literal in our answer.

  • SLars Provo, UT
    June 5, 2014 3:20 p.m.

    You can't reward people here illegally with jobs, or you invite millions more to bypass our laws, come here illegally, and steal id's, social security numbers and perjury. Not to mention the people dying in the desert and breaking up of more families.

    Only enforcement of the laws will solve these problems in a compassionate way for everyone.

  • sg newhall, CA
    June 5, 2014 2:55 p.m.

    I like Romney, but I disagree with him immigration position. We don't need reform, we just want the laws enforced. What is wrong with enforcing the laws? I'd rather in go in the red protecting our country from the invasion of illegals than letting them stay. I don't buy into the anchor babies or the young children (from infant to young adult)that it's not their fault. Tough. They are illegally here. Their parents knew exactly what they were doing when they snuck into our country. It is NOT our responsibility to give them a better life if they can't find it in their own country. They should remain in theirs and take steps into making it a better place rather than come here and turn America into one of their own countries. As far as Romney's religion playing a part in his switch...of course it is apparent by all accounts made by the Church leaders that we are told to be more Christ-like and understanding in our approach to immigration. Those of us who love this country believe in the adherence of its laws.

  • Curmudgeon Salt Lake City, UT
    June 5, 2014 2:25 p.m.

    It's easy to call for "immigration reform" without specifying the details.

    I thought self-deportation was the central pillar of Romney's plan. Or has he flip-flopped again?

  • 2 bits Cottonwood Heights, UT
    June 5, 2014 1:45 p.m.

    I'm a human... Romney's a human.
    Religion affects MY views... I would assume it affects HIS views.


    I think he loves everybody, including Hispanics (I've heard him say that). That does NOT mean he will disregard our laws so they can break them if they want. That's not love. That's pandering.

    He said we need to have a "path to citizenship"... I assume that would be a LEGAL path. Not just sustaining the status quo and let them skirt the law as long as they can without getting caught, and IF they get caught... just set a court date and let them move to another community and do the same thing.


    I think he understands how the economy works, how businesses work, how jobs work.

    He realizes that when we have a glut of illegal workers willing to accept lower wages and get paid under the table (so it doesn't have to be reported to the Government)... it tends lower EVERYBODY's wages AND Lower the government's tax revenue (because they dont pay taxes on income paid under the table, and they need a valid SS# to pay income taxes, SS taxes, etc).

  • UtahBlueDevil Durham, NC
    June 5, 2014 1:21 p.m.

    I would say that the fact that his father immigrated from Mexico the the US, lived on government assistance for a good portion of his youth, that those factors probably weigh on his opinion and position. It could be also as a church leader he understands that borders are constructs created by man, not God, and that our stewardship to each other is not limited by some artificial line drawn across a map.

    But I get it that such a notion is very offensive to some who think because they live north of this line, they think they are a blessed people, and have no responsibility to those who live outside these lines. Were all Gods children, just that God loves and cares about some more than others.... or something along those lines.

  • Say No to BO Mapleton, UT
    June 5, 2014 1:08 p.m.

    Which of Romney's positions on immigration shall we compare it to?
    There's the pre-2012 position.
    Then there's the 2012 campaign position.
    And now there's the Utah Compact position.
    I suppose it depends on the audience.

  • samhill Salt Lake City, UT
    June 5, 2014 12:50 p.m.

    It seems ridiculously disingenuous for people to be spouting off about the need to "provide a path to citizenship" when there is and always has been such a path.

    The problem is that, like many other functions of our bloated, inefficient and ineffective federal government, the process to navigate and actually take that path is overly complicated, time consuming and cumbersome in many other ways. Which, of course, is one reasons desperately poor but normally law-abiding people (and many others who are NOT law-abiding) justify breaking the immigration laws as currently constituted. That is a shame and one part of why we desperately need real, intelligent and comprehensive immigration reform.

    Nevertheless, in the meantime, we **must** enforce our current laws, if only to preserve the sanctity of law that has formed the basis of our country and helped us make it a place where other people are desperate to take part.

  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    June 5, 2014 12:38 p.m.

    Not that I've seen. From what I have seen, the only thing that affects Romney's view on anything is how much money he can make from it.