Utah below national average for use of sunglasses

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  • 483bzac West Valley City, UT
    June 2, 2014 12:38 p.m.

    Utah has the lowest use of sunglasses probably because they don't drink as much as elsewhere. Hangovers make you more sensitive to light.

  • BU52 Provo, ut
    June 2, 2014 11:45 a.m.

    Oh the horror, oh the humanity. Thank you D News for being our nanny and telling us how to live. How did our parents and grandparents ever live long enough to procreate? Another slow news day at the city desk?

  • My2Cents Taylorsville, UT
    June 2, 2014 3:06 a.m.

    This sounds like a scare commercial to sell sunglasses by the vision advocates and assisting retailers. The vision industry who sell glasses and contact lens is declining with surgical procedures eliminating the need of their services are in a panic and looking for ways to pitch their glasses in scary medical sounding hazardous neglect.

    Procedures for cataracts have synthetic materials that block UV so what this article is seems to be an attempt by snake oil sales pitches. The natural eye abilities work very well and the squinting mother looking up at the interviewer with the sun at his back is far from scientific study.

    Then there is the cost of sunglasses you can wear continuously is prohibitive at $250. Since sun glasses are not a habitual or requirement to see or shop makes them prone to be lost or left behind. Those who do spend a lot of time outdoors are among the 70% who wear them.

    Then Utah has a higher percentage not active in natrual sun light and prefer the air conditioned home.

  • srw Riverton, UT
    June 1, 2014 11:19 p.m.

    "Yet, 17 percent of adults in Utah's capital city report wearing sunglasses every time they go outside. That's 10 percent less than the national average."

    Is that really the question that was asked? I don't wear sunglasses when I go outside at night or when it's raining.

  • TiCon2 Cedar City, UT
    June 1, 2014 10:42 p.m.

    However, it's above average for the sheer amount of plastic used in sunglasses. Especially white plastic.

  • Prodicus Provo, UT
    June 1, 2014 4:23 p.m.

    This really should be in the article, as it's very important: Wearing sunglasses without really good UV protection is much worse than not wearing sunglasses.

    In natural circumstances, the spectral intensities of ultraviolet light and visible light are well correlated. In bright light, your iris contracts your pupil to reduce the amount of radiation reaching your retina. Eye doctors may wish for better protection than this but it has done pretty well for most vertebrates for hundreds of millions of years so I wouldn't complain too much about people not wearing sunglasses.

    But if you wear glasses that darken the visible spectrum but do not do a good job of blocking ultraviolet rays, your pupil expands to try to take in more visible light, and in the process it lets in WAY more UV radiation than is natural or healthy. You can easily ruin your vision that way.

    Glasses with no tint but with UV protection would be perfectly safe. The only time when blocking visible light via tinted glasses is really a health benefit is for viewing sources that are too bright for your eye to adjust for- e.g. welding, solar viewing, etc.