'Amazing Spider-Man 2' is more routine than amazing

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  • I know it. I Live it. I Love it. Provo, UT
    May 3, 2014 8:03 a.m.

    The entertainment industry finds something they like (makes money) and they milk and milk and milk it until it's so dry that it doesn't make money anymore. They abuse a good genre for profit and it hurts the ability of serious film makers to make serious a serious films.

    I've been saying for a while now that comic films have overstayed their welcome. Kids will always want to see them, and adults enjoy the classics... but there are only so many versions of batman or spiderman that I can handle. I'll always welcome a new drama or thriller or comedy, etc, etc.

    "The film" will never loose what it means to be a film. People love story telling and that will never change. But telling the same story over and over again... yes, people certainly grow tired of it. In fact, many of us already have and many more are about to.