LDS youths eagerly move family history work along

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  • kjco Bealeton, VA
    April 1, 2014 5:34 a.m.

    In efforts to drive up numbers & pat themselves on the back, some make more work for others by only indexing names but not any other information requested. It's anything but hastening the work. Please teach the concept of conscientiousness when doing indexing activities, it is still a virtue worth learning.

    Of the 4000 mentioned in the article, there will be a great percentage which were submitted with first/last name only but completely ignored all other information requested. Many names have not been carefully looked at either. Speed & volume seem to be the goal.

    Leaders organizing these activities should be responsible to check participants do NOT cheat. It defeats the purpose (creating a searchable digital record) & someone else has to go in to match up the name & add the rest of the information needed. That takes longer than just doing it from scratch. Quality counts.