Duce's Wild: Memorable LDS 'Come, Follow Me' lessons may require second-year modifications

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    March 23, 2014 8:00 p.m.

    Sister Duce, if all youth teachers are as successful at getting the youth involved as you seem to be, I'm wishing we could pass your youth around. Any chance of getting one in High Priest's quorum?
    Seriously--I've heard some of our most spiritual talks coming from the youth in Sacrament Meeting--just had one today that had several insightful points. (Another tongue in cheek: It'd be nice to get the gift of John or the Three Nephites--or rise to the age of Methuselah--to observe these powerful young people in action as adults. Maybe an occasional view from the other side of the veil?)
    Truly we are blessed with choice sons and daughters of God reserved to prepare the way of the Lord's second advent.