The ghost of Matt Carlino on display in Arizona basketball playoffs

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  • AFCoug Colorado Springs, CO
    Feb. 28, 2014 3:14 p.m.

    Ok, I just retired from the military and acronyms are a mainstay but what? Speak ENGLISH Azute.

  • Wiscougarfan River Falls, WI
    Feb. 28, 2014 10:53 a.m.

    I'll admit, I have no idea what AZEUTE1 is talking about in his post. He must be speaking Utahnese. What I do know is that this post was about three exceptional basketball talents, Carlino, Dalstrup, and Toolson. The former (Carlino) continues his exceptional but inconsistent play for the BYU cougars. I hope he continues to play at a high level as we roll into the WCC tournament. The latter two are future BYU commits and the future does indeed look bright when kids as heralded as these two are are average recruits over this and next year. Go Cougs!

  • Uteanymous Salt Lake City, Utah
    Feb. 28, 2014 7:38 a.m.


    Sounds like a lot a jealous whining about a 4-star recruit that is headed to BYU instead of that crimson bubble on the hill.

    btw, remind us the last time Utah made a "deep run" in the NCAA tournament, in fact, when was the last time Utah even won a game in the tournament?

    LOL at those who throw stones while living in crimson bubbles.

    Who cares whether you know about Portland? It's quite obvious that the ones who care, know about Portland.

    #35 BYU(20-10) #20 SOS, projected as a #11 seed in the tournament
    #93 Utah(18-9) #142 SOS, not even mentioned in ANY tournament discussions

  • AZUTE1 Mesa, AZ
    Feb. 27, 2014 11:57 p.m.

    In F.U., PD was M.I.A. tonight on a bigger stage inside of WFA in a quarterfinal match against significantly tougher competition in CDS! And I'm a Mesa Mountain View graduate!

    Were I a byu fan, I certainly wouldn't be touting any performance against such a weak opponent as something significant....I seriously doubt most people across the country even know the portland pilates exist!

    'Til dr shuts down his "Anti-D" campaign he's waged since Day 1, it doesn't matter which kids suit up for him....byu will continue to remain utterly ill equipped to ever make a deep run in The Tourney which is ultimately the only thing anybody ever remembers!