House passes bill to swap diesel school buses with alternative fuel vehicles

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  • stemarhan Frederick, MD
    Feb. 26, 2014 1:31 p.m.

    The headline is somewhat misleading as new clean diesel buses are also eligible for funding under HB 41. This is because emissions from new clean diesel buses and heavy-duty trucks have been reduced by 99 percent for nitrogen oxides (NOx) - an ozone precursor - and 98 percent for particulate emissions from older models.

    According to an emissions study by the Clean Air Task Force, 2012 clean diesel buses are very comparable to 2012 CNG buses - and much, much less expensive.

    According to the analysis "both new diesel and new CNG buses have significantly lower emissions of NOx, PM, and HC than the older diesel buses that they replace." According to EPA a 2012 diesel bus emits 94% less NOx per mile, 98% less PM, and 89% less HC than a model year 2000. This compares to a 2012 CNG bus which emits 80% less NOx, 99% less PM, and 100% less HC than a 2000 diesel bus.

    Replacing 10 older diesel buses with new diesel buses will reduce annual NOx, PM, and HC emissions by 4,953 kg, 275 kg, and 421 kg respectively while 10 new CNG buses will reduce annual NOx, PM, and HC emissions 4,197 kg, 279 kg, and 471 kg respectively.