Amy Choate-Nielsen: Family stories of all kinds are inspiring

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  • Redbull Sandy, UT
    Feb. 18, 2014 5:47 p.m.

    I too have never taken a shine to "homemaking" but i spend absolutely no time feeling guilty about it. I am sooooo tired of meeting and knowing amazing women who are down on themselves to one degree or another because they don't fit some preconceived notion of motherly perfection. Please do not mistake my words to mean that homemaking skills are not important. I truly have great admiration for women with 5 children who still make handmade quilts and can and write books. And those women exist. I'm just not one of them. I have two sons and when they were little I stayed home and it was about all I could handle. I too, as the author's grandmother, often chose reading or connecting with my children over household chores. I don't regret one second of it. My mother who expressed little regret in life said "I wish I had spent less time on the house and more on my children". Lets face it, cleaning and cooking are drudgery- at least they are to me. And I don't do crafts. But that is not the definition of a good mother.