Court allows crossover in Utah, Oklahoma same-sex marriage appeals

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  • RFLASH Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 29, 2014 2:04 p.m.

    You know, a lot has changed since amendment 3 was passed. If we were to vote on it today, the % of people who would vote for amendment 3 would be far from the 66% it was! I thank God each day for giving me a wonderful family. They are all LDS, but I don't think very many of them would pull this traditional marriage thing with me. I have been open for years and my partner and I have been together for 15 years. It hasn't had any negative effects on anyone and my dear wonderful parents are together. Their traditional marriage hasn't been hurt a bit! Can you imagine that? My niece was married in the temple. I guess I didn't do much damage to her traditional marriage! My nephews were all married.
    Explain to me what it is that you are saving your marriages from? If they are that fragile, you better get yourselves examined because your marriages and vows have nothing to do with your gay neighbor down the street! It truly sounds ridiculous! Keep traditional marriage and I will marry my partner and you can call it untraditional. It is absurd!

  • Bob K portland, OR
    Jan. 29, 2014 2:27 a.m.

    The sooner, the better.

    Although the DN and many of its readers disagree, marriage equality is inevitable.

    The longer it drags out, the more animosity, the more damage, the more bullying of kids in school.

  • Marco Luxe Los Angeles, CA
    Jan. 28, 2014 9:51 p.m.

    Lovely Deseret: Doesn't your comment echo the decent churchgoing people of Alabama circa 1840? From their point of view, race classification was "the key to a healthy, happy and prosperous society" which justified rejecting the small number of white people that believed race shouldn't matter [to say nothing of the POV of slaves].

    I'm not comparing that degree of racism to current heterosexism, but the logic is the same. Time to review your history textbooks and come up with a better argument than majoritarian dominance, i.e. might makes right. WWJD?

  • LovelyDeseret Gilbert, AZ
    Jan. 28, 2014 7:24 p.m.

    Interesting. Now it comes down to the will of millions of people in two states to protect what they believe is the key to a healthy, happy, and prosperous society versus a small group of adults that believe that shouldn't matter. How much power do these Judges think they have?