It's not just jobs — millennials want a kinder, cleaner, smarter society

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    Jan. 29, 2014 2:43 p.m.

    This report seems to reflect the mindset of most of the Gen Y's that I know.

  • SillyRabbit Layton, 00
    Jan. 29, 2014 1:51 p.m.

    Oh dear.

    Equally distributed between all of those 28 countries means approximately 279 people participated to represent their nation.

    195 of those "'reject’ what business as traditionally organized has to offer, preferring to work independently through digital means in the future."

    145 have "signed petitions."

    Perspective: Each country's representatives, equally disbursed, would fill a C-IV/D-IV size airplane, so 28 airplanes.

    The entire population of Millenials, INSIDE just the USA, is 78 million. This survey had a participation rate of 00.01% for just this 1 country. Care to find me the generation population for the 28 countries covered?

    Do you think the survey people have an agenda? You bet.