Utah basketball: Utes' changing defenses keep No. 1 Arizona off-balance all night

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  • Mormon Ute Kaysville, UT
    Jan. 27, 2014 3:04 p.m.

    With the exception of just a few games, the Ute's defensive play has kept them in most games this season. They need to get more aggressive and consistent on offense. Especially on the road. This team can be dangerous once the offense catches up with the defense.

  • Brave Sir Robin San Diego, CA
    Jan. 27, 2014 10:28 a.m.

    Unfortunately the constantly-changing defenses also kept our defensive rebounding off all night, which is ultimately what cost us the game. There's pros and cons with every defensive scheme.

  • Christopher B Ogden, UT
    Jan. 27, 2014 8:20 a.m.

    Starting off the game up 12-2, we were making #1 Arizona look like an average WCC team. It was a great game overall. We came up a little short, but still a ton of positives about the direction this prestigious Pac 12 program is headed under coach K.

    Onward and upward to Pac 12 glory!

    And I love the Sunday games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sporting events on Sundays. I hope for many more, home and away.