LaDonna Gatlin: The day she tried to quit life and her journey back

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  • The Caravan Moves On Enid, OK
    Feb. 5, 2014 3:31 p.m.

    I've heard it said that the state of Utah has more incidences (per capita) of depression than any other state in the country. Of course, some anti-Mormons contribute that to the stress/depression of trying to live the unachievable 'perfect' Mormon life. However, I contend that it could in fact be a sign of the willingness (in part based on the teachings of the LDS church on the priceless, instrinsic worth of each human being) on LDS members to seek help....they know what happiness is, they know they deserve it, those afflicted know they don't have it so they go get help.

    Good luck to anyone afflicted with mental illnesses. From what I understand, it is a very, very fine line between "healthy" and "unhealthy". I wonder how many of us would be pleased if the whole world knew the kinds of thoughts that run across the stage of our consciousness?

  • Firefly123 Mapleton, UT
    Feb. 5, 2014 10:57 a.m.

    "Church...We seem to think, if I pray a little harder, read the Bible a little more, pull myself up by my bootstraps, fill in the blank, it will go away; We would never say that to someone who is dealing with breast cancer."

    I first tried suicide when I was 14. Depression is very real, and so much a function of our physical make-up, I wish the medical community would quit referring to it as a "mental" illness." Prescription antidepressants never worked more than a couple of years. Depression always returned. Now in my sixties, I finally found over-the-counter SAM-e I can buy at any pharmacy. It doesn't work for everyone, but has changed my life. I know because when I run out, depression returns. When I take it again, I'm normal. These aren't "happy pills;" they are normalizing and functioning supplements.

    My husband and I now plan to serve a mission together.

    If you feel suicidal, ask for help. Yell for help. Most MD's do not have a clue about SAM-e; sometimes you must do your own research to find a cure, but there IS a cure.

  • NoBoxScot Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jan. 27, 2014 5:04 p.m.

    How very tragic such stories are. Even more tragic is the long term impact seemingly 'harmless' OTC drugs as well as prescription drugs and even the standard American diet can have on our mental state. Befored taking any drug at the very least investigate what effect it has on B12 in your body. If you are lucky enough to have a doctor who understands how to measure vitamin/mineral/hormonal balances and ratios in the body (vs 'standard blood test panels') and how to rebalance them naturally you can save a lot of frustration and worsening mental condition. Good luck finding one of these doctors, they are rare!