Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward included in USA Basketball player pool

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  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    Jan. 26, 2014 9:21 p.m.


    my insights exactly...but most of the fans here doesnt seem to like the idea of it...and are willing to trade him...that's why im asking...what would they want in return?...everyone is criticizing the guy too much...but he is the kind of guy that does a lot...the problem is...he doesnt have one thing that can be his bread and butter...he isnt as consistent as he should be...but he has a high IQ guy....but fans here...generally want someone like Durant a franchise guy....and i am not sure if we will get one on the next draft...as it seems only Embiid is the sure fire star...

  • RBN Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 24, 2014 10:12 a.m.


    I wouldn't trade Hayward for Jeff Green unless the draft picks were great ones. I don't think Phoenix has anything that would interest me. I like Gordon a lot, but think that his talent is such that he would be the third, or possibly the second, best player on an elite team.

  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    Jan. 23, 2014 10:06 p.m.

    it seems that fans here...doesnt really value Hayward that much...would it be better to trade him to boston for multiple picks and possibly jeff green or to phoenix for multiple first rounders as well?...what are your thoughts?

  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    Jan. 23, 2014 5:55 p.m.

    @Jazz Source.

    If luck was on our side...we could be looking at Embiid Favors Hayward Burke Burks...if not...Favors Randle Hayward Burke Burks...still win win...hopefully either one plays out...

  • Jazz Source Alpine, UT
    Jan. 23, 2014 4:24 p.m.

    Kyle Korver can shoot threes and that is it. He is a horrible defender and as such could never successfully play fast paced olympic ball.

    Hayward will likely be dangling this new credential when it comes time to negotiate his contract next offseason.

    Olympic basketball is entirely different than NBA too. Carmelo flourishes in international ball but is selfish one-on-one leech that stifles his own team success in the NBA.

    Personally (selfishly) I hope Hayward does not make it. Just more wear and tear on the athletes and risk for injury. There are plenty of good enough players out there.

    In terms of value to our team I would say Favors has a bigger impact on the outcome than Hayward.

    Favors is out and we immediately turn into Al Jefferson reincarnate with Kanter defending the rim. They need to figure out if they can be successful together (doubtful because neither can guard stretch 4's) and if they can't then you better trade Kanter and get something good in return.

    Offensively Kanter has great footwork but his defense has deteriorated and he is no rim protector. Its awful. Gobert can back up Favors eventually.

  • RBN Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 23, 2014 11:32 a.m.

    I'm not sure I would take Leonard or Korver. If you need a zone buster, no one is a better shooter than Klay Thompson in my opinion.

  • Man in Charge Chihuahua, 00
    Jan. 23, 2014 10:55 a.m.

    Denver to Portland.

    You forgot Kyle Korver.

  • Denver to Portland Portland, OR
    Jan. 23, 2014 9:54 a.m.

    LaMarcus Aldridge and Lillard are on it! YAY!! Expect them to be in Rio 2016. I don't think that Hayward will make the final roster for Rio 2016. Guys I would take over him in his same position are LeBron, Leonard, Durant, Carmelo, Andre Iguodala, and Paul George.

    Go USA!!

  • RBN Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 23, 2014 9:54 a.m.

    Stats become inflated on weak teams. Elite level means, at a minimum, an all star. Gordon won't be an all star this year. He is the 33rd leading scorer in the league. Of the top 40 scorers, only two have lower shooting percentages.

    Under gehelmke's definition of elite: Paul Milsap at 17.7 ppg, 46.8%/38% on 2s and 3s, 8.3 RPG, 2.9 APG, 1.2 BPG, and 1.7 SPG is elite. Arguably better stats, but no one considers Milsap elite.

  • gehelmke Bastrop, TX
    Jan. 23, 2014 9:31 a.m.

    This to RBN in SLC....This kid's stats say.....17.3 points, on 42% shooting...83% free throw shooting...5.4 rebounds...4.9 assists.....1.37 steals.....and .68 blocks....and he's doing this on a weak team with a very iffy coach.
    Methinks you are hard to please.

  • RBN Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 22, 2014 4:58 p.m.

    I like Hayward, but to say that he is playing at an elite level this year, particularly based on a five game sample, is not accurate.