Viral letter from deceased 12-year-old inspires parents, others to trust God

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  • Heidi T. Farmington, UT
    Jan. 15, 2014 10:30 p.m.

    Accessible internet and viral stories can be exploitative and sometimes violate and expose things that should be kept personal especially when a request to do so exists. Is nothing sacred and not for the masses?

  • USAlover Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 15, 2014 9:38 a.m.

    It sounds like this little girl is right where she belongs.

  • procuradorfiscal Tooele, UT
    Jan. 14, 2014 2:39 p.m.

    Re: "That seems amazingly disrespectful to the child's wishes."

    Immature blather.

    This child's life, like that of Anne Frank and many others, has a message that resonates with a goodly portion of the world's suffering population. Her parents -- like Otto Frank -- are the right ones to choose whether or not to celebrate her life, commemorate her great faith, and bless the lives of others.

    NOT self-interested strangers.

    I suspect those feigning outrage are actually more worried that the wise child's thoughts may benefit those seeking comfort or greater faith, than about the nature and depth of any theoretical privacy concerns.

    The child's parents are in a much better position to judge those, anyway, and don't need help from curiously ingracious naysayers in deciding what's best for their world and their child.

  • panamadesnews Lindon, UT
    Jan. 14, 2014 11:28 a.m.

    This young lady, now in the Spirit World awaiting her resurrection, will have met her Heavenly Father. Her perspective would well have changed as to sharing her thoughts. We need to consider that she had no knowledge that she was going to pass on in a short time after writing this letter to herself. I'm certain she would not mind the sharing of her thoughts with others, for their benefit. I know that everyone who has read this article has been inspired to become a better person; I know that I have.

  • Hey It's Me Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 14, 2014 11:01 a.m.

    Amen @ Jefferson

  • MoJules Florissant, MO
    Jan. 14, 2014 10:45 a.m.

    Sometimes my husband and I will discuss what I will do after he dies, we figure he will go before I do. He has five children, I have one, we don't plan this divide by six, who knows what we will do, but he says over and over. I will be gone, I don't care what you do. For these parents, it was their choice and I respect them for honoring their daughter this way, and NO ONE has a right to find fault with them.

  • caaron Draper, UT
    Jan. 14, 2014 10:19 a.m.

    "Have you prayed, worshipped, read the Bible, or gone to serve the Lord recently? If not, get up and do so NOW! I don’t care what point in our life we’re in right now, do it!”

    The previous words convince me that in spite of her "do not open until 2023" warning the girl was counseling her brother/sister to do and experience what she had done and experienced. And just as the writers of the Bible and Book of Mormon knew that their words most likely would not even be read by their contemporaries but would serve as counsel and warning to those born later, she would have wanted that warning/cousel to be shared with those that followed her. The warning was given, I believe, so that it wouldn't be opened while she was still around.

  • Jefferson Kalispell, MT
    Jan. 14, 2014 7:55 a.m.

    BigC and aptly named "manuretruck," the only thing disrespectful in this is disparaging the way this family has chosen to deal with their grief. My impression is that this young lady would perhaps be humbled that her recorded thoughts might prove to be inspiring to others. Her stated devotion doing good and being good lead me to believe that she would willingly and happily endure being a little self-conscious if she, through the sharing of her thoughts and faith, could help ease the burden that someone else is carrying. Being the subject of an autopsy was not on my 21 year-old wife's priority list at the time she died. But I know her. And I knew that if she thought there was even a remote chance that her autopsy might bring any possible benefit to another person, she would have chosen to have it done. And so I did. You had no need to publish your critical views of this family. What they shared, they shared in celebration of LIFE. Accept the gift graciously or walk away quietly.

  • grip Meridian, ID
    Jan. 14, 2014 7:31 a.m.

    Unless ye become as one of these . . . Thank you for sharing such tender thoughts. It has caused, an 81 year old to question what I am accomplishing.

  • manuretruck St. George, UT
    Jan. 14, 2014 7:10 a.m.

    That seems amazingly disrespectful to the child's wishes. I would fully expect my relatives to respect any such instructions that I left around before my death.

    Before doing this they should have considered how she would have felt about it being exposed had she still been alive. No doubt she would have preferred to keep it private, rather than it being used as a tool for other people to feel good about themselves for short time.

  • TriSam North Carolian, AP
    Jan. 14, 2014 4:04 a.m.


    At Big C

    Your remarks did nothing for no one but yourself. They were unneccisary. Jeeez
    A truley remarkable story and young lady who is with that wonderful person she talked about. Thanks for sharing to this family.

  • Big C Murray, UT
    Jan. 13, 2014 6:15 p.m.

    Unless one of the girl's specific disclaimers was to "not share with anyone unless and until my unfortunate and premature passing, then go ahead and put my private thoughts onto the internet for all to see" then her parents should have respectfully kept her journal for themselves to treasure. She seemed adamant that this was for her eyes only. If someone were to share my personal thoughts like that, especially as a 12-year-old girl, I would be mortified.

  • george of the jungle goshen, UT
    Jan. 13, 2014 4:36 p.m.

    She had a lot of Potential, and she knew it. She must of seen Potential in others and had seen it change and louse it's energy. She wanted to have the reminder. I wish the family well and feel bad about their girl won't be there in person.