Living Lonely: A three-part series that explores loneliness in America

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  • DRay Roy, UT
    Jan. 7, 2014 2:28 p.m.

    Smile and say Hello to everyone.

  • lynnea1 JEFFERSON CITY, MO
    Jan. 6, 2014 2:23 p.m.

    Living alone and being lonely are two different things. Loneliness is a form of mental anguish, which could be considered a form of abuse, IMO.

  • Little Andy Tremonton, UT
    Jan. 4, 2014 8:57 a.m.

    As Hawkeye said on MASH "loneliness is all that it is cracked up to be." But as stated much better than abuse of any form, which there are many..

  • BlueEyesBrittany Paris, 00
    Dec. 29, 2013 5:34 a.m.

    It is far less dangerous to live alone than to live with people and men in particular who abuse you or cheat on you or mistreat you, neglect you or take advantage of you... as many do ....

    So living alone might be a better option in many cases..... if not an ideal one