BYU football notebook: Taysom Hill treating bowl game like any other game

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  • bill in af American Fork, UT
    Dec. 26, 2013 1:19 p.m.

    Some people's attitudes amaze me. This is a football game. BYU is not a place for a win at all cost philosophy. Cheer for Miami if that is your desire. BYU is a place to develop high quality students who also happen to play football well. National recognition for BYU and and the Church is an added benefit when we do well, but that is not the most important thing in life. The development of character and spiritual growth count a lot more than who wins a game that few people will remember a few years from now.

  • Stringer Bell Henderson, NV
    Dec. 26, 2013 11:44 a.m.

    Re: Flashback "Hill and the coaches ought to be treating this game like it's the biggest game of their lives or at least this season. They'd have done that against Utah, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and prepared as such, the Y would be going to a bowl game that could be shown on New Years. Bronco needs to get the emotion of this team up."

    Uh, KVN referred to the Utah game as his Super Bowl. That's a pretty big game but it didn't seem to work out. Hill needs to concentrate more on learning to be a passer with some touch on the ball and checking off receivers rather than tucking the ball away and running. Otherwise, put hum in the backfield as a RB.

  • idablu Idaho Falls, ID
    Dec. 26, 2013 11:25 a.m.

    I appreciate your optimism. Yes, many of us are invested emotionally and financially in this BYU football team, and when they don't meet expectations, yeah it stings for awhile. I did not expect an undefeated season, but losing to Virginia and worse, Utah was pretty darn hard to swallow. But I don't think anyone on here "walk(s) around all day, all gloom and doom;" But I think optimism blinded to the facts makes one look silly (like the kind Mildred parodies). I prefer to be a realist, objective in my assessments.

    I think the PAC 12 this year is way better than a lot of BYU fans give them credit for. I've watched both teams this year and I think Washington is the better team, plain and simple. But make no mistake, I will be yelling at the inanimate object that is my television throughout the 3 1/2 hrs of game time, hoping for the best, cheering my Cougars, and celebrating a win if it should happen.

    People are misinterpreting Hill's comments. If BYU loses, it won't be because they weren't up for the game.

  • Flashback Kearns, UT
    Dec. 26, 2013 10:46 a.m.

    Treating it like any other game? What a stupid foolish attitude. Hill and the coaches ought to be treating this game like it's the biggest game of their lives or at least this season. They'd have done that against Utah, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and prepared as such, the Y would be going to a bowl game that could be shown on New Years. Bronco needs to get the emotion of this team up.

  • CougarSunDevil Phoenix, AZ
    Dec. 26, 2013 7:35 a.m.

    I'm optimistically honest that I'd rather be worrying about some fans thinking we're going to lose our bowl game than "looking to next year" because my favorite teams did not make a bowl game.

  • Y Grad / Y Dad Richland, WA
    Dec. 26, 2013 7:13 a.m.

    Okay, I get it that you guys feel disappointed that BYU didn't do better this year. Clearly there were moments of greatness, but far too little in consistency, creativity and mental clarity.

    But, really? Do you walk around all day, all gloom and doom because you really think your team is going to choke another great opportunity? Do you live in dread that the team you love is somehow going to embarrass you personally on a national stage?

    I'm alright that your personal integrity won't allow you to fantasize that somehow, this will be the time that the offense clicks on all cylinders, scores before they ever get close to the red zone and Kyle Van Noy returns to his laser guided, heat seeking quarterback missile form.

    But living like this has to be bad for your health. Choose optimism. We can be optimistically honest, can't we?

  • thebigsamoan Richmond, VA
    Dec. 26, 2013 4:33 a.m.

    We all know Taysom and the whole team wants to win as much as anyone so I'm sure they're preparing with that purpose in mind. I just hope they'll execute better on both ends of the ball and come out with a win!

    Go Cougars! Go Aggies!

  • idablu Idaho Falls, ID
    Dec. 25, 2013 10:03 a.m.

    Well, if every game is treated as a "Big Deal" then Taysom has the right approach. I think many of the posters here (except BYUAlum) is misreading the intent of Taysom's statement. I have no doubt the team made a little extra preparation for Utah and Wisconsin. Didn't do them much good. The tone of most of the articles about this game is the offense is going to have to step up. How about the defense? They have been on a downward slide since Houston. Against Wisconsin and Notre Dame they were really manhandled.

    Although Anae's play calling has improved somewhat since the beginning of the year, his game management in the red zone is still severely wanting. And I have seen no improvement in Hill's penchant for taking sacks instead of getting rid of the ball. Yeah the line has to shoulder some of the blame also, but the habits of the QB are more readily fixable.

    I'm not real optimistic about this game. I got my graduate degree from UW, but I'm cheering the Cougs!

  • Meckofahess Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 25, 2013 9:44 a.m.

    "Business as Usual" is the mantra of Coach Mendenhall. As long as he is at BYU, the team will never do anything special for the big games - that's why they lose most of them. That said, he brings a lot of other good things to the team (firesides, building character, etc). As an avid BYU fan, I've decided to be content with mediocrity as far as the win-loss record is concerned. Go Cougs!

  • Cinci Man FT MITCHELL, KY
    Dec. 25, 2013 6:53 a.m.

    If this is treated as just another game, this could be difficult to watch. Taysom Hill and Robert Anae need to not just 'execute', they need to 'execute' a greater variety of plays. May I suggest that the QB run is not the best choice of play. Whatever happened to the days of the passes to tight ends up the seams, passes over the middle to backs slipping through the line, crossing patterns by wide receivers, short slants to the inside mixed with flare outs and button hooks, and screen passes? Ah well, it's just another game. Go Cougars!

  • poyman Lincoln City, OR
    Dec. 25, 2013 3:06 a.m.

    "Treat it like any other game?" I think that was the mantra going into Wisconsin and ND... Didn't workout too well as I recall...

    Perhaps when we are scheduled to play an elite program we shouldn't approach it as... "Business As Usual"... Because it really isn't... It's huge.

    If Hill could show that he is capable of spotting and making good throws to second and third option receivers then that statement would make alot more sense.

    I love the Huskies and I think that they are probably the second toughest team that we will have played this year (behind Wisconsin)... If there isn't a different game plan (particularly on the Offensive side of the ball) then this will be a very long evening for the Cougars who I have favored in my "Pick Em" options... Please don't make me look bad... I am 5 of 6 right now and in the top 10 in a couple of groups (one of them with the big bad ute fans).

  • BYUalum South Jordan, UT
    Dec. 24, 2013 11:32 p.m.

    I am not as pessimistic as BYUfaninWash. I think Taysom Hill's comment meant he is keeping this game in perspective. He is a VERY competitive and passionate football player. To him, he is playing the next football game, and HE WANTS TO WIN! Also, perhaps he is saying he is not so caught up in all the hype surrounding a Bowl Game and all the gifts, etc. He is focused on football.

    I wish them well. I just want them to come out ready to go on offense with good play calling and take control of the game early. We love BYU as do many others. They will have a good following....crowd-wise at the game.

    Go Cougars!

  • BYUfaninWashSt Everett, WA
    Dec. 24, 2013 8:05 p.m.

    The fans will be treating it like any other game as well. We expect to lose, but a win would be a nice surprise. BYU has shown they can win games they are expected to win and they lose the games they are expected to lose. Since BYU never makes any special preparations, business as usual, we can expect another loss, especially since UW is favored to win.