BYU basketball: 3 players record double-doubles in Cougars' 97-67 rout of North Texas

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  • SlopJ30 St Louis, MO
    Dec. 5, 2013 9:12 a.m.

    Poyman, what you're saying it essentially correct . . but it only makes his shot selection all the more frustrating. When you know a guy can be really, really good but he has one glaring, fatal flaw that seems easy to correct, it's frustrating beyond belief. I mean, how hard is it to decide not to take awful, nearly unmakeable shots 4-5 times a game? It doesn't require extra skill, strength, height, or muscle. Just don't jack up a loooong off-balance three early in the shot clock. Just don't try an awkward running bank shot with your off hand with a center in your face.

    Yes, the Y is good, but they are a few good possessions per game away from being potentially top ten. Subtract those lousy shots and substitute makeable ones, and you probably add a few PPG. There's no coherent argument that can be made that this would be a bad thing.

  • souptwins Lindon, UT
    Dec. 5, 2013 8:41 a.m.

    A lot of people came to the game but arrived late due to the weather. I think the attendance was announced as 16,000. How often do the Utes get that many to a BBall game even with perfect weather?

  • moderateinmagna MAGNA, UT
    Dec. 5, 2013 1:22 a.m.

    Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Looks like there were a lot of empty seats in the building... Couldn't be! There has to be an explanation! Only up on the hill are there ever empty seats at a game! I think having a big snowstorm might have had a lot to do with the attendance,a lot of people could not get to the game.

  • Cinci Man FT MITCHELL, KY
    Dec. 4, 2013 8:34 p.m.

    BYU has a pretty good team this year and they are exciting to watch when they win. They are terrible at the free throw line, so I don't expect much in the NCAA tournament. Carlino still hasn't learned to play within himself and that will also lose key games. If those two things could get fixed, they can be among the best in the country. I wish them well.

  • WA_Alum&Dad Marysville, WA
    Dec. 4, 2013 6:10 p.m.

    Now that we get a two-year break from the Utes in football, and in hoops we have every reason to expect the Ute fans won't be coming on to argue the supposed superiority of their basketball team relative to the Cougars, perhaps that will help reduce the nonsense between fan bases. One can hope.

    I admit I love seeing BYU haters get it dished back to them as much as the next guy. But we all know who will be expected to "turn the other cheek" first if things are to improve.

    So I am willing to go for the rest of the non-conference season not red-baiting. Any Ute fans publicly willing to take that invite?

  • Down under Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 5:34 p.m.

    Regarding Carlino,
    If keeps playing out of control Bartley will replace him in the starting lineup, or Halford. Both are very good and make better decisions. Car lino hasn't cost any loses yet but if he keeps it up it will hurt the team.

  • Missouri loves BYU Lebanon, MO
    Dec. 4, 2013 5:27 p.m.

    I have to say that Coach Rose has done a great job of putting together a great basketball program at BYU. The pass the ball around until you get a layup days are long gone. BYU is so much fun to watch. The best part is that this isnt' going to be a one season deal. The players in the wings are going to keep the team loaded for several years to come.

  • poyman Lincoln City, OR
    Dec. 4, 2013 3:46 p.m.

    Wow slopj30... You are pretty tough on a guy who's probably the biggest reason that we are even able to run an up-tempo and transition oriented offense...

    When Carlino is not on the floor the game slows down considerably... When you hit four or five threes in a row (like he did against Iowa State) to put BYU up by 12 or 14 after being down a few, yet still only hitting 30% through 9 games, I would call that "streaky"...

    I thought that Carlino had a very good game last night... It wasn't about scoring points for himself (he was off and he knew it)it was about putting other players in a position to score... And he also played some very good defense... So while it'a good to have a PG that can score, it's also very nice to have one that can set the tempo of a game and assist others in carrying the scoring load...

    I haven't looked at the stats, but I believe that Carlino leads the team in both Assists and Steals and is probably the #2 scorer on a very good team playing the 4th toughest schedule in the country.

  • Samwise Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 2:58 p.m.

    BYU has a good team this year and it is fun to watch. Both games against ranked teams so far were close and could have just as easily been wins. For the Ute fans and pessimistic BYU fans who say BYU won't make the NCAA tournament this year, where is your evidence that they won't? I think they will be a shoe in, whether they win the WCC tournament or not. The WCC is a 2 or 3 bid league every year and BYU is at least the 2nd best in the WCC this year, and possibly even better than Gonzaga. That waits to be seen. Go Cougars!

  • SlopJ30 St Louis, MO
    Dec. 4, 2013 2:02 p.m.

    Carlino’s percentages over the last 2+ years:

    2011-12: .401 FG%, .331 3P%, .759 FT%
    2012-13: .408 FG%, .335 3P%, .718 FT%
    2013-14: .384 FG%, .298 3P%, .675 FT%

    I fail to see how this qualifies as “improving,” especially since he’s a volume shooter. Yes, he’s rebounding better, but that’s a secondary concern for a PG. Assists and steals are up a tick, but so are turnovers. To describe his poor shot selection as “occasional” and the results as “streaky” is remarkably charitable. Shooting five threes a game at a clip just over 30% isn’t “streaky,” it’s “lousy.”

    What frustrates me is the failure to correct obvious flaws. When Karl Malone entered the NBA, he was a brutal free-throw shooter and it hurt his team immensely. What did he do? Worked on it until a weakness became a strength. Carlino has to know that his poor shots hurt the team, yet he continues to force them up despite poor results. I just don’t get that kind of approach and lack of self-awareness.

  • Tom in CA Vallejo, CA
    Dec. 4, 2013 1:39 p.m.

    UteNationAlum -

    Don't open a can of worms. Oh wait, you just did. The difference is, the fans that were in the Marriott Center last night would have made the HC look like a sell out crowd. lol.

  • Spokane Ute Spokane, WA
    Dec. 4, 2013 1:30 p.m.

    A win is a win; U Mass will be a HUGE test.

  • DeepBlue Anaheim, CA
    Dec. 4, 2013 1:31 p.m.


    I heard that there was a massive snow storm in Utah, so 13,908 fans is pretty good for a non-conference Tuesday night game - that's practically a full house in the Huntsman Center.

    I remember a game played in the HC on the night of a big snow storm last year, and the HC was practically empty for a conference game.

  • oldcougar Orem, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 1:24 p.m.

    Carlino always follows a brilliant play with one or two bone-headed plays. He is gifted...he has strength, hops, skills, speed...all of it...but for some reason (selfishness? Low B-ball IQ), you can always bet on an equal combination if Wow! and For crying out loud!

  • 4601 Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 1:10 p.m.

    My apologies. Comments that the utes are in a prestigious conference really are sarcastic, if not down right hilarious. However, sometimes it's hard to discriminate among my fellow U grads when they tout the utes.

  • Tators Hyrum, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 12:26 p.m.

    @ Mark321 and 4601:

    Apparently, you're not able to tell that Cletus from Coalville is just a spoof which uses uneducated sarcasm as a reverse dig toward the Utes. I've always thought that seemed obvious. His comments come regularly, are often along the same lines, and usually elicit smiles from most BYU fans.
    There's a regular commenter from the Utes that does something similar, but instead is directed toward BYU fans. Both appear to be only in fun sarcasm.

  • Crisco B Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 12:11 p.m.

    Memo: Cletus is telling us a tongue in cheek joke.

    Let's go BYU!. Always and forever.

  • Balan South Jordan, Utah
    Dec. 4, 2013 12:06 p.m.

    Sorry to disagree with some out there but I am a big Carlino fan. In my opinion he has improved his play tremendously over the past couple of years. He is a very, very good rebounding guard; he can break down a defense with his penetration; his engine never stops - he is a huge reason why BYU is so good up and down the court; he continues to get others involved with his passing, assists, etc.; and he simply plays hard. His ONLY downside is that occasionally he takes some bad shots and is a little bit streaky with his shooting - but who isn't?

    I for one am glad that he is a Cougar!

  • WA_Alum&Dad Marysville, WA
    Dec. 4, 2013 11:59 a.m.

    "Looks like there were a lot of empty seats in the building... Couldn't be! There has to be an explanation!"

    Uh, if you were able to notice the empty seats, how did you happen to miss the snowfall, or the many references to the difficulty that even the N-Tex team had in getting to the arena?

    Open enrollment schools . . .

  • 4601 Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 11:53 a.m.

    Cletus from Coalville
    Coalville, UT
    Your comment was off topic, this article was about a BYU win. You claimed the utes were in a prestigious conference, not that the utes were prestigious. Big difference. Why not trumpet the moral victory of the utes losing to Boise St., of the not so prestigious MWC?

  • Mark321 Las Vegas, NV
    Dec. 4, 2013 11:46 a.m.

    @ Cletus from Coleville
    "Byu is not in a prestegous conference like us so they are not prestegous like us and that means we will win you when we play."

    Really?? Just like the Utes beat BYU the last 7 times, right? I understand having your team's back but when you come down to earth you will realize that BYU is better than the Utes in all phases of the game. I'm not making any guarantees like some other Ute users do, that's why you play the game, but it is very probable that you guys will lose on December 14th.

  • let's roll LEHI, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 11:34 a.m.

    This game followed what has become a pattern--production when the tempo is pushed and stagnation and bad shots when forced to play in the half court.

    The good news is there's clearly a desire to keep the tempo up and run. The challenge will be that the key to being able to run is taking care of the defensive boards and BYU's better opponents have had too much success on the offensive boards. Other than Mika, the Cougars are a little thin in the front court.

  • scenic view Baltimore, MD
    Dec. 4, 2013 11:02 a.m.

    North Texas was a nice breather for the Cougars to get ready for #21 UMass this Saturday.


    Mika is a stud and will be one of the top centers in the NCAA by the time he finishes his college career.

    Carlino is a very good point guard, who could be a great point guard, if he learns not to force shots 1 on 3.

    Overall, this BYU team is loaded with talent, but is still learning how to play as a team to take full advantage of that talent.

    Free throw shooting has to improve dramatically if BYU is going to make some noise in the NCAAs.

  • Tators Hyrum, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 10:58 a.m.

    @ ekute:

    Classy comment from an avid Ute fan. Thanks for being objective and complimentary. Fans from both sides could learn from your example.

    @ mountainflying:

    You lost your credibility by saying BYU has been "dominated" by ranked teams. The 2 losses this season to ranked teams literally went to the wire and could've been won by BYU with something as simple as better free-throw shooting... their close-game nemesis so far this year.
    BYU was leading for 80% of the one at home before losing in the last 2 minutes. Only an unobjective anti-BYU person could call either of those games dominating losses. Both were highly competitive and entertaining... as were the Stanford at Stanford game and the USU game in SLC.

    The uMass game will be telling.

  • What in Tucket? Provo, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 10:18 a.m.

    It was a symphony in motion. Considering the athleticism of NT the bigs just stuck in there and battled.

  • IDC Boise, ID
    Dec. 4, 2013 10:08 a.m.

    Watching Utah and BSU play, it gave me an appreciation for how good Carlino is. Sure, he pushes too hard sometimes but he is a very good point guard. Handles the ball well, is strong, good rebounder. BYU also has a deep bench except for the big guys. Could be a special year.

  • BYU9293 Clinton, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 10:07 a.m.

    I kind of agree with SlopJ30, Carlino is a blessing and curse all in one. He can play great than play very poorly and it does come down to decision making. He takes too many very poor shots, shots he could get at anytime in the shot clock and he takes them 5 seconds in rather than waiting. BYU looked good and recovered from a slow start, they looked a little lethargic in the first half and then came on. I hope they can beat Umass this weekend. The difference between his year and last is that byu is being extremely competitive against ranked teams and we were not that last year. Hope the team will learn and begin to win those games. ultimately, if they don't get some wins against the ranked teams, playing them and losing them won't mean much to the selection committee, although it can still help the team to get better.

  • UteNationAlum Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 10:01 a.m.

    Looks like there were a lot of empty seats in the building... Couldn't be! There has to be an explanation! Only up on the hill are there ever empty seats at a game!

  • ekute Layton, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 9:36 a.m.

    I see the Cougars turning into a more seasoned and confident team. After Wichita State I said they wouldn't make into the NCAA"s. I'm leaning the other way now. You guys have good coach down there. Gonzaga is not a shoe-in for the conference champion. Good Luck.

  • DEW Cougars Sandy, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 8:17 a.m.

    Polls are flawed like it has always been. We haven't got any votes yet and if we did beat UMass this Saturday we might get just one vote from local media. That what I have noticed in past. UMass was showing #1 in RPI yesterday while we were at #9. It will be an interesting hard fought game for sure. Man, I thought the game was going to be tonight but a win was a win.

  • SlopJ30 St Louis, MO
    Dec. 4, 2013 8:14 a.m.

    BYU will be an exciting team that beats up on bad and mediocre teams, but they won't be able to beat true elite teams more than occasionally. Why? Matt Carlino. Shame, because he's clearly talented and competitive. If he had just half the hoops IQ of John Stockton or Chris Paul I would be excited for a long tourney run. Unfortunately his decision-making chip is fried beyond recognition. How many times can you almost physically see him decide "OK . . TIME FOR ME TO SHOOT!" befor he dribbles into two bigs and forces up some slop or launches a 25-footer before evaluating the defense or attempting to run a play?

    Efficient PG play is a hallmark of most truly special teams. Carlino is a head case whose play will continue to careen from spectacular to catastrophic, sometimes both within the same minute. I have to wonder what goes on in Coach Rose's mind after each of Matt's bizarre decisions?

  • Dibs Alpine, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 7:49 a.m.

    Thomas Jefferson about your comment, BYU will likely have 4 losses before they start the league schedule. They just don't beat ranked teams and they have away games against UMass and Oregon coming up.

  • thebigsamoan Richmond, VA
    Dec. 4, 2013 7:42 a.m.

    Impressive win for the Cougars! But please...let's stop the childish and arrogant put down of the Utes! It's precisely comments like that that makes it's extremely painful to deal with when they beat us. Nothing makes a team fight harder than when ridiculed and insulted, whether by an opposing team member or an arrogant fan. So please, tone it down and show some restraint and respect! Any opponent can beat any team at any given time whether in football, basketball, or whatever!

    Go Cougars! Good luck to the Utes too until we play each other!

  • Cletus from Coalville Coalville, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 6:41 a.m.

    Byu is not in a prestegous conference like us so they are not prestegous like us and that means we will win you when we play.

    Go Utes!

  • geggett Orem, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 2:15 a.m.

    Cougars are looking good. If the NCAA tournament takes three teams this year from the West Coast Conference, BYU will have a chance to make it in again.

  • Down under Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 12:08 a.m.

    Nice win Cougs. Keep it rolling all the way to RES and roll over the utes. They have shown their true colors tonight now that they had to finally play a Div. I team..

    BYU is a very dangerous team and will cause havoc for a lot of teams that can't run for a full 40 minutes. I think the utes are in serious trouble when the Cougs come to town. Utah might want to forfeit the game. BYU has too many weapons this year and have 7 players who can score in double figures on any night.

    Dec. 3, 2013 11:47 p.m.

    Was a fun game to watch as it was close in the first half, but in the 2nd it seemed like North Texas got worse at shooting and clearly was no where near as aggressive as BYU, even though they were billed as a fast transition team like BYU.

    I hope this was a down game for BYU and they will play better against UMass, they really need a win against a top 25 team and UMass will be a good chance for BYU to get one. It will be fun to watch as some comments I've seen say UMass plays even faster than BYU. In a post game interview Rose said UMass was "as fast or faster" than BYU.

    Go Cougars!

  • mountainflying Logan, UT
    Dec. 3, 2013 11:19 p.m.

    Let's not get carried away here. BYU is has won only once in their last 12 tried against ranked teams. UMASS will dominate them just like most ranked teams have.

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Dec. 3, 2013 11:04 p.m.

    The UMass game is a big one if the Cougars want to get into the rankings. UMass is ranked in both polls and is playing very well. BYU has to run, that is their game, go do it.

  • cal cougar camarillo, CA
    Dec. 3, 2013 10:58 p.m.

    Collinsworth plays basketball in a manner that is making this team special. His ability to play basketball at point or at a guard position with strength, unselfishness and speed, size and determination remind me of another special player, Magic Johnson. That was his brand of basketball and he made everyone succeed around him. As much as I think Marty's son is special, Kyle is special as well.

    Mica is as skilled at center that I have seen in recent history here at BYU for a freshman. Davies was better defensively, but Davies did not develop his offense till his junior year.

    This team could beat Gonzaga. Could do some damage in the Tourney(not NIT).

    I give some credit to Carlino on an off night for helping his team to win with rebounds and assists. He got a double double. That is commendable.

  • Tom in CA Vallejo, CA
    Dec. 3, 2013 10:10 p.m.

    Quality basketball coming out of Provo. Great way to spend a Tuesday night. Good win for the Cougars!

  • Striker Omaha, NE
    Dec. 3, 2013 9:46 p.m.

    Nice, dominant win. Man do those guys play fast sometimes. N. Texas must be the sick green after seeing BYU run all over the place!

  • NevadaCoug Overton, NV
    Dec. 3, 2013 9:33 p.m.

    Talking about throw downs, don't forget Collinsworth. He also had a few. I don't remember ever seeing a BYU team that had so many guys capable of throwing it down.

  • WA_Alum&Dad Marysville, WA
    Dec. 3, 2013 9:25 p.m.

    The Cougs stomped a big and athletic N-Tex team with rebounding and assists. Great, confident attack on offense, and tremendous hustle on D. Once again: Thank goodness for BYUtv!

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    Dec. 3, 2013 9:24 p.m.

    Cougs started slow, but played another outstanding game the final 10 minutes. Bartley's jam was the highlight of the game, even though Mika had a few throw downs of his own. It's great to see Halford hitting.

    Looking forward to the next game against UMass. A win could bring a Top 25 sighting for the Cougs. Love watching the team play - this is an exciting brand of basketball.