Collecting online sales tax puts Utah lawmakers, businesses at odds

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  • Dave003 Draper, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 8:38 p.m.

    With all due respect to the previous comments I think you both fundamentally misunderstand how an online sales tax system would work. First, let's be clear when a Utah consumer purchases something online the sales tax is DUE whether the online retailer collects and remits the tax or not. Second, online sales taxes would be destination based so only the state where the consumer lived could collect the tax. Utah would not be imposing sales taxes on Washington sales! The issue is whether a company based outside of Utah that sells to Utah consumers has to collect sales tax from their consumers and remit the taxes to the State of Utah...just like a brick and mortar business here in Utah. Let's just make it fair for all retailers and then let brick and mortar and online compete on their own merits rather than a government tax preference.

  • AmPatriot Taylorsville, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 4:41 a.m.

    By constitutional amendment and some foresight by previous legislators in Washington Utah cannot double tax or tax out of state sales. If Utah does collect taxes on out of state sales they ahve to return it to the state of origin of the sale.

    If a state does not have a sales tax then Utah cannot collect a sales tax even if they don't call it a sales tax. An inconvenience or just to tax tax is illegal. Internet is an out of state sale, and if Utah wants to charge a excise tax or import/export tax they have to secede from the union. If Utah does put this internet sales tax on the books, they might as well forget about any business staying in Utah.

    This whole idea is a pipe dream of a CEO trying to make government profitable, this is not how governments are financed. Time to cut the cord with CEO's and governemtn, its doesn't work and Obama and Utah is proof its incompatible.

    Utah will be better off making some cuts in agency's and live within their means of local city and state sales and income taxes.

  • My2Cents Taylorsville, UT
    Dec. 4, 2013 4:26 a.m.

    There is a constitutional amendment that individuals cannot be charged sales taxes by two or more states and its common sense that this is fair and equitable taxation process between states. Utah cannot tax people in other states of residence. Utah tax laws cannot be enforced in other states and this dream tax is something government has to deal with and forget about.

    Manufacturers have always been tax exempt on out of state sales and this dream is not possible. Its time for Utah to make some cuts to its size and offerings that are sustainable levels of government. Its time to shut business out of governemnt, government cannot profiteer by taxation and this is the kind of fraud that the governor is wanting to pass as law.

    No state can make residents of other states pay sales or income taxes in non resident states. There is nothing to be at odds about, Utah cannot tax internet sales out of state, its constitutional. But they can cut services and spending and habitual fraud rather then try to mess with or challenge a Constitution amendment.